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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 44
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After Mr. Maths and his son left,, Otike instructed Bamidele to send three men
on dust-to-dawn guard at the scrap metal junk yard…

It did not take Bamidele more that five minutes to deploy men at the place..

Otike glanced at his watch and it was 4.15 p.m.
“I want that place to be searched immediately. Get some men and start searching”, he told Bamidele..

Bamidele left and Otike dialled Inspector Dele… In less than ten minutes, Dele arrived at the junk yard with five

There were now about thirteen men searching for the bag in the yard..

It was not an easy task and even Otike, who was standing by, knew The effort would not pay off..

After about two hours, Otike called off the search and ordered some of his men to remain behind and maintain
tight security…

“Listen, I don’t expect you to expose yourselves, for if the money is still there, we can get it later… Don’t scare away anybody coming into the dump. All you should do is watch the move the movement of anybody who comes in, and you know what you’re looking for.. You must all be in hiding, understand?”, Otike explained..

“Yes Sir!” the three men answered in unison..

He then got into his car and drove home…


Ryder completed his assignment with Dike when he dropped him off at the
Asaba car-park..

From there, Dike went on his own. He looked around the car-park and saw that
the vehicles were being loaded in turn in different destinations…

He approached a cab driver who had still about two
vehicles to take off before his turn..

“I’ve just got news that my mother died last night.. Get me to Ogwashi Uku as
fast as possible and I’ll pay for the vacant seats”. Dike said..

“No luck, pal. That would be against our rule”, the man replied and left him.

Dike looked around, confused about what to do, Then he spotted a group of
drivers drinking local gin-ogogoro- in a nearby canteen..

One of them was sitting alone with a bottle of local
gin and smoking heavily….

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