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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 45
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Dike immediately moved near him..

“Hey man”, he said and continued “Why not earn some twenty naira and take me to Ogwashi Uku”..

The fellow looked up and Dike was surprised to see his eyes were red.. Probably, he thought, the man was already drunk.

“Make it twenty-five and you’ve got yourself a deal”. The man replied.

Dike gave him a twenty naira note and said, “You’ll get the rest once we are there”..

The man sprang to his feet and they left…

“My name’s Calistus”, he told Dike as they walked to his
504 Peugeot car..

Nobody greeted the man and it didn’t seem that he cared about the other driver or
what they thought of him.. Some sort of rebel, Dike thought..

“Mine is Ikechukwu Agbi”, Dike lied..

Dike got into the passenger seat and the man drove off..

On the way, Dike said, “Try to avoid the police on the way Calistus”..

“Extra ten for extra burden”, Calistus said..

“No problem about that”, Dike replied..

Who knows if he would make history by escaping safely, Dike thought as they went along… With the cold
wind fanning his face, he felt confident…

“Hope you don’t mind my increasing the speed. Want to pass the Ibusa Junction
before the traffic policemen report for duty”, Calistus said.

“Your wish is as good as mine”, Dike said and glanced at his watch.. It was 6 a.m.

“How long will it take us to reach our destination?”, Dike asked..

“Since we are avoiding the cops, passing through villages,

we’ll be there in less than two hours if
i maintain my speed”, Calistus said and then added..

“Why travel in such a haste, Mr. Ikechukwu”
“You see, my mother is seriously ill and i want to see her as soon as possible”. Dike explained..

“I see.. Are you married?”, Calistus asked.

“That’s none of your business, chum.”, Dike snapped at him…

Dike remembered Pauline.

What was happening to her?

Had Otike interrogated her?

He flinched and forced the thought out of his mind..

Watching the drunken driver as he crouched over
the driving wheel, a glazed expression in his eyes, Dike
became alarmed and knew that something bad
was about to happen..

“You’re driving too fast”, he shouted. “Slow down, please”..

Calistus turned to look at him for a while and laughed like
a crazy man..

“Do you call this speed? I thought you asked for it”, he said and began to
slap his hands on the steering wheel..

“Watch the road! Watch the road, b-----d!”, Dike roared angrily..

Calistus grinned foolishly and made faces at him.. Dike made a grab for the steering wheel, but it was too

The car left the free-way and plunged headlong into the jungle..

Dike jumped out of the car and broke his left leg.. Blood was also streaming down his face..

He was alive, but dazed, and in serious trouble..

Before he blanked out, he saw the car go up in flames….


★ Will Dike Escape This Accident Safe and Unharm And Still Place His Hands On The Money?

★Or Will He Be Caught?

★Where Is This Dike’s I.D Card That Has Cause Him All This Troubles?

★How Will Otike Get His Stolen Money Back?

★What About Nwabueze Money That Dike Took?

☆☆☆ THE END ☆☆☆



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