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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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I asked the bike man to branch at ewa’s house so
that she could inform her friend that she won’t be
coming home for the night and to pick her clothes
that she would be wearing to work on the
following day….
Ewa was sitting at the middle so I had to stand up
for her to come down. I stood by the bike waiting
for ewa as she quickly rushed inside. After about
5mins, she came out with a lady who brought out
torch light and pointed it to my face
Ewa’s Friend: ekaale uncle. Where are you taking
my friend to?
Me: (which kind of question is this now?) don’t
worry she is safe
Ewa’s friend: please o…
She sat down first while I sat behind her as the
bike zoomed off….
We got home in 2mins after and we went straight
into the room and switched on my torch light
phone . She sat on the chair while I used the table
to face her as we started discussion.
Me: iyawo chief
Ewa: what do you mean?
ME: I’m only joking joor.
Ewa: I’m seriously afraid self ***frowned***
ME: I’ve told you not to be afraid, God is the most
Ewa: let’s put that aside jaree. I’m just happy I am
with you tonight. So gist me, how tomorrow is
going to be. Now that they wants to make you the
I.T students leader, hope those girls would give
you chance to see us again
Me: haba! You are my love. I love you genuinely
and nobody can stop me from loving you.
Ewa: (smile) aa sope e sobe ooo
We started talking about everything in general, we

gist for about 13minutes holding hand and
patting each other until we switched to the next
We stared at each other in silence and our heads
were moving closer until our lips arrested each
other. ewa held
my shoulder while I held her waist While on the
kiss, I moved my
hand to her chest, located her right b---m which
I guessed to be
her weak point. I sq££zed gently with her blouse
and she let out a soft m0an “oouuch”. She
relocated her hand from my shoulder
to my chest and started loosing the buttons of my
chest. (I put off the light of my torch light and turn
all phones which serves as source of light to the
room upside-down) “Chaiii,
e don set”. I complement her by pulling off her
top at the same time. She removed my singlet and
I unhooked her bra from behind at the same
time. We were both half Unclad, I pulled her from
the chair, and now were were both standing, I
placed another kiss on her lips and directed her
to the location of the bed. we both fell and lied on
the bed. i was switching b---m at interval while
kissing her while she was smooching and tickling
my hairy
chest. I moved my mouth from her lips and go
downward to her left Tip and s----d like a hungry
baby. ewa was
jerking and m0an!ng at tempos. She walked her
hand downward to my trouser and unzip it as I
did the same to her trouser. She pulled out my
“erecting in progress” J0yst!ck out of my boxers
and began stroking. I was sU-Cking and switching
Tips as she was stroking my J0yst!ck. “Hmmmm.
Oouuuuch, oooouuuyyeeaa, Ayoola I love you…I
want you badly”. She was m0an!ng and
whispering like a collapsing patient. I unzipped
her trouser, pull it down a bit and i was tickling
with her pubic hair and the walls of the K---y-Cat
through the sideways of her pants and she used
her legs to remove the trouser completely leaving
only her pants on.
I began to tip the c--t and fingerprinting the K---y-
Cat hole, from one finger to two to three. “Chaii,
ewa’s hole
Was so tight”. After she jerked under
the anointing of my finger for 3 minutes, she
stood up on the bed,
knelt down in between my legs and grabbed my
J0yst!ck. She licked the tip, the s---t and the two
balls behind it as if it was a job to be paid for.
After few minutes of licking, she inserted the tip
of my J0yst!ck in her mouth. Hanged it without
movement and blew air into it then began a deep
throat Mouth Gig. ewa is so perfect in the Mouth
Action as she inserted a considerable length
Of my d--k into her mouth. I began to jerk and
later Pour into her mouth.
ewa stood up and went to my trolley to pick a
tissue to spit out the Pour and then resumed to
sU-Ck the J0yst!ck till it gained another Attention.
I picked my condom in my wallet, tore it and
waiting for ewa to stop sU-Cking so as to wear it.
She collected the
condom from me and threw it away, pulled off
her pants immediately and sat on my J0yst!ck in
“cow-girl” styles.. She stretched forward, placed
her hands on my chest, knelt down on
my waist and began to ride up and down, deeper
and faster, we began to sweat and m0an together
at same time. 8mins into the fuccking, she looks
tired of doing the job so I pulled her closer, held
her back in my arms and began fuccking her from
below myself. ewa must have been fuccking all
this while
as I was surprised at the level of her perfection. I
later pushed her
away, made her lie on her chest. I knelt down
behind her and spread
her legs apart and then enter from behind and
start fuccking.. This style
doesn’t enhance deep penetration because her
killer Bottom was
obstructing the locomotion. I later placed a pillow
under her waist and pressed the a$$ forward for
a deeper digging. I could hear her m0ans
increasing and skipping beats as the
J0yst!ck was entering deeper. We fuccked for
another 8minutes before I was about to Pour. I
pulled out my J0yst!ck and cummed on her

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