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The Other Side - Season 1 - Episode 20
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The line of anger imprinted on Julie’s forehead disappeared. She understood what Bernice was getting at.

“I..I am trying to save is life”
Her reply changed Bernice’s expression to a frightening one.
“You don’t mess with the fate of humans, if he is meant to die, he will die! It’s not your job to save him…that’s not the reason you are there”

At first Julie was frightened, but what she heard was totally unreasonable.
“What’s the use of loving me when he is going to die?”
Bernice was quick to counter her question.
“It’s of no concern of yours…don’t mess with his fate”
Julie’s initial anger resurfaced!
“Wait! You are just going to allow that bastard that murdered me and took everything I had, you are going to just let her murder Jack too? When you can do something about it?”
Julie wasn’t getting the point Bernice was trying to put to her.

“You don’t get me Julie, do you? We don’t mess with the Fate of humans! Are you daft or something…? Even if I have all the powers in the world, I would do nothing!”
Julie was devastated but she wasn’t relenting on her will to save him still.
“Well that’s your choice… I would save him, even if it means giving up my life as a ghost”
Julie was actually expecting the gatekeeper to let down her whip and probably charge at her. But Bernice simply laughed and got serious the next moment.

“I can’t wipe you of existence until after 30days, because a deal has been signed with the universe on Joan’s sacrifice… That doesn’t mean I would allow you go on with your stubborn will…I would aid your enemies to overpower you Julie, choose wisely…”

Julie wasn’t buying Bernice’s threat. She turned to go but felt the need to throw the ball at Bernice’s court… And so she turned and smiled to the corner of her lips, with a gesture and a proud talk.

“Alright Bernice, game on”

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