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The Other Side - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Julie was burning with wrath, she felt like strangling Siera to death, if only that were possible, Bernice would surely prevent her from doing that. At an instance she thought of what challenge Bernice might throw at her, she got a little scared, but no, she wasn’t going to give this up…she won’t let the fear get in the way.
“How did it go?”
Favour tagged along, taking time to survey the environs for Bernice.

“I challenged her, there is no way I would allow Siera murder Jack”
“You did what?”
Julie was ready to lash at favour when she questioned sarcastically. But Favour’s reaction was one of shock, not disdain.
“Julie, no ghost on the other side, I mean no one dares The gatekeeper, are you serious? You did that?”
Julie furrowed eyes eased up now, she appeared to see Jack asleep before she replied Favour..

“Well there is always a time for everything”
She was quiet, pondering on what to do next. Siera can see her, she was sure Siera would want to double her game…or Bernice would surely provide Siera some weapon to use against her.
“What do we do now? Siera can see me”
Favour was quiet at her question, because she knew one thing for sure…Julie was going to lose this fight. There is no way one rookie ghost can achieve what even the ancient of all ancients has failed to do(challenge the gatekeeper)

“Emm, why not tell Jack about it first”
She suggested and it made sense.
“Ok, you go, I don’t want him seeing you…he might freak out”
Favour bought the idea and took off.
“Jack, Jack”
He sprang up immediately, obviously startled…he hissed the next minute when he noticed it was Julie.

“Oh come on, in my bedroom too? Are you my wife or something?”
She ignored his abash words and went straight to the point.
“Jack, Siera can see me”

He paused and took a while to act pensive, before he questioned.

“Is that suppose to mean something?”
She sighed and calmed her nerves before she continued.

“Jack, it means she can somehow harm me”
Jack laughed now.

“Harm you? Julie you are a ghost…how can a human harm a ghost?”
He asked, prayerfully wishing she say the word, so he could use it to ward her off…
“I don’t know ok, I am kinda new at all this, it’s the gate keeper that is aiding her”
“Who is the gatekeeper?”
Julie felt she couldn’t start another sermon in trying to explain…

“Don’t bother, go back to sleep, I would think of something”
He gladly tucked his pillows, but just before he la!d his head to sleep, Julie asked
“Can I lie on the bed too?”
She shut her eyes to take his spurned reply, but he surprised her when he said.
“Feel free, I am stuck with you anyway”

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