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The poor girl - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Melody was so weak that she couldn’t believe that she sat there without answering any question at all. Amanda tried to decline the offer of representing the school so that it will look as if she’s not behind the happenings but she was told that no one else than her will represent the school as melody left heart broken knowing that she’s not representing the school anymore after all her efforts.

Henry didn’t understand what was happening to melody his great teacher that improved him in terms of studies, he promised to get to the root of the matter so that melody won’t be put to shame after all her efforts.

Amanda was preparing to go since school has closed for the day when Henry walked gently and slowly to her thus making her to be frightened whether he’s going to ask her about Melody’s poor performance during the competition but she was wrong.
“Amanda, are you set to go? Henry asked smiling
“And what do you mean by that? Are you blind? She replied rudely and wearing a straight face.
“Hey don’t take it that way na, can’t I ask you anything again? Amanda start to calm down just to hear him out.
“What do you have to say “?
“Good question, now you are talking”henry replied with his hands in Boston pockets and his eyes fixed on her lips.
“Amanda, I want us to be friends as never before please ” he said licking his lips and stairing at her. This is the kind of opportunity Amanda was looking for so long but she’s not sure whether Henry meant what he said so she started playing beer fingers looking down feeling shy to look at henry in the eyes. Henry walked to her and used his hand to lift up her face.

“I’ve heard you, but what about Melody? She asked just then Henry’s heart began beating as he think of the possible lie to say.
“Forget about her for now, let’s focus on herself. She’s nothing to me and we are all friends” he said and Amanda nodded her head though she knew that Henry was lying but she had to accept the fact and grab the opportunity that is before her.

“I’ve heard…… You “she stammered
“So what’s your response?” he asked
“Let me go and think about it first ”
“No, I want you to give me the reply now please, ” he said wearing a baby face.
“Okay. I’ve accepted “she answered
“Wow thank you Amanda I’m grateful for your response. I love you “he said as he hug her

“I Love you too Henry “she replied and hug him too as she enjoyed the moment praying that it last.

She left and wave to Henry before entering her car and zoom off. Henry regret ever telling Amanda “I love you ” but be had no other option than to do it that way. He entered his car and left too.

Henry got home and first thing he placed a call across to Amanda to hear whether she has reached home which she answered yes and she was excited that Henry is caring for her.

Melody got home looking so weak and teary, her legs were heavy for her as she thinks what she will tell her parents who prayed for her to succeed in the competition which she loosed but she later summoned the courage to tell them since the competition was cancelled but the painful part is just that she’s not the one to represent their school anymore.

Mrs Armstrong noticed that melody was so weak and moody as she walked to her in a motherly way and sat down.
“Melody what’s the problem? Why are you like this? She asked and melody burst out crying under her mom shoulder who consoled her to keep calm and tell her what’s the matter.

“Mom, I failed in the competition “she later said which got Mrs Armstrong surprised because that’s her first time ever I’m her life for her to hear that her daughter has failed any competition since she was in school. She had to console her first before asking her what really happened.

Melody took her time and explained everything to her mother who knew that what happened is not in a physical state but is a power that is trying to destroy her daughter academically as she contemplate on what to do.

She consoled her to keep that everything will be fine, as an old woman she later told melody to bring her books from inside which she obediently did.

Mrs Armstrong using her small knowledge asked melody some few questions from her books which she answered successfully and correctly thus drawing Mrs Armstrong to the conclusion that someone is behind her daughters failure and it’s one of the students that is not being choosen. Her thoughts was so far as she knew that it’s one of her daughters student that wants to take her daughters place in the competition to represent their school.

“Who did you compete with in your school before going to this one ” Mrs Armstrong asked

“We were there in number and we were in groups ”
“I mean who seems to answer questions brilliantly as you did, and who took the second position?

“Okay mom, her name is Amanda Patrick “she announced as Mrs Armstrong pondered on the name because it sounds familiar to her.

“You mean it’s the daughter of Mr Patrick the man that happens to hit me with his car?
“Exactly mom that’s her father. I’m talking about her daughter “melody answered wondering what could have made her mom asked such question.
“Don’t worry my child, God is in control. The God of the poor will see you through ”
“Amen ooooo mama thank you “melody replied and stood up heading to her room.
The next day in school so so boring to her as the event of the previous day started reflecting on her memory. Just as she was sitting thinking about her predicament she saw Henry and Amanda at the school garden laughing and enjoying themselves with snacks. She didn’t mind but seeing Amanda trying to feed Henry with the snacks alert her as she stood up walking to where they sat.
“Hi Henry ” she greeted
“Yeah melody whatsup? Henry asked still smiling as Amanda greeted melody too but she was jealous that melody distracted their sweet moment.

“Can we go to the cafeteria together please? Melody requested and Henry frowned instantly
“What does that suppose to mean? Are you blind, can’t you see I’m sitting with someone enjoying myself. By the way who are you to me? Henry asked and a sharp pain crossed Melody’s heart as if she’s being stabbed with a knife.

“Henry it’s me melody I…..
“And so what? Please don’t annoy me leave” Henry blurted out
“Henry don’t talk to her like that, she’s your girl “Amanda chipped in
“Hey don’t start your own, which girl are you talking about? Henry replied angrily as melody stood there with her heart frozen as she watched Henry reaction towards her as if it’s not the same Henry knew. Amanda stood up that instant trying to leave.
“Please I’m leaving attend to your girl ” Amanda said standing up trying to leave but Henry drag her back.

“Where are you heading to? Please melody it seems you are distracting us please leave. Okay if you want to know, I love Amanda not you so better leave us now” Henry blurted out. Amanda pretend as if she’s shocked hearing that for the first time so as to look as if she’s not snatching Melody’s boyfriend but deep down she was really happy that melody is feeling heartbroken and sad.
Melody legs were vibrating as she heard that, she was so furious whether to fight or leave. Her mom advice she gave her started repeating afresh in her memory as it kept repeating. “Be ware of the friendship you keep, you are too young to undergo emotional pains”

Melody ran out with tears in her eyes to the backyard of the jss1 bock crying her heart out.
Gladys who was returning from the cafeteria heard someone sniffing behind the block as she halted and decided to check only to find melody crying facing the wall which got her shocked thinking that it’s because of the competition she loosed that has made her start crying afresh not knowing that it’s Henry.

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