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The poor girl - Season 1 - Episode 30
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” In any competition the winner must represent and get to the final level, so Miss Amanda Patrick we are sorry I over reacted. So melody is going to take her place and represent golden gates school were are sorry for the stress” Mr Adams concluded and a sharp pain crossed Melody’s heart, a pain of joy that her dream is really coming to pass. Henry who stood there frowned his face even the teachers who witnessed how melody failed them the previous time.

Amanda was boiling in anger as her eyes turned red instantly, Henry tried to calm her down but she didn’t listen as she gave melody a deadly look before running out of them. Mrs Hannah didn’t know what to do in a case like this, the ringing bell distracted them from further talks as melody arranged her clothes entering the hall.

Amanda was so anger as she took a cab home not knowing that Henry is trailing her behind. Melody got to the podium immediately her name was being announced to come on stage and represent their school.

The hall was cool as security was so tight just to avoid casual movement.

Amanda got home, she rushed inside her room and open her wardrobe then brought out two green leaves and rub it and then sq££ze the water out. Her palms became green, she lift her palms to her mouth then called Melody’s name thrice with the conclusion that her brain should fail her. She was really angry not knowing that she was being watched by Henry who return to the school just immediately without her knowledge.

Amanda decided to go back to the competition ground to see how melody will fail for the second time especially for her to fail before the governor and top government officials who were present there.

Amanda arrived and sat at the back looking at melody in an hatred eyes to see her failure, melody sat there praying in her heart that such thing shouldn’t repeat itself again.

The competition kick start and the questions were answered until it came to Melody’s turn who was asked a question.
“Mention one separation technique that you know ” the question came loud and clear as melody pondered on what the answer could be, Mr Adams heart began racing so fast whether melody will disappoint them for the second time likewise other teachers too who were in suspense to hear her answer. 20 seconds has already gone leaving just 10 seconds behind, seeing that melody didn’t even try to attempt the question Amanda smiled wickedly that her plan is really working. Seeing that Henry stood up from his place and rushed outside of the hall to the backyard, he took out the same leaves Amanda uses earlier and sq££ze it then did the same technique Amanda did but his own speech was different.

“Melody! Melody! Melody! ,let your senses return “Henry said praying it works. Just as the bell was about to be heard when all hope was gone and even Mrs Hannah was hopeless including Mr Adams. Melody stood up in a rush as if she’s being pursued by someone.

“On of the separation technique is Filtration ” she said loudly as the judge gave her two points correct. The house was filled with claps and shouts as Mrs Hannah raised up her head in sign of victory, Mr Adams too was smiling widely this time around even Gladys too who was hopeless. Amanda looked back instantly as if she’s suspecting someone to be behind what just happened or could it be that the chief priest just tricked her. No it can’t happen, she was really annoyed that melody sense is back to normal as she rushed out of the house feeling so hot tempered.

Henry smiled from where he stood watching the whole drama that just transpired in the injury time, he was really happy that it’s working.

Amanda got home again and gather the leaves into her school uniform returning to the school this time around she didn’t went inside but stood outside as she hide herself applying the same method she did the previous time to enable melody fail.

The competition was becoming more interesting as the students kept providing answers questions being asked.

It was Melody’s turn again to answer question as the question came on.
“Can you tell us one of the earthquake that occurred and in which country and which year”?

Time was running as before, Henry who stood outside watching her wonder what’s happening this time, he thought that the thing worked but what’s happening now? Or could it be that Amanda has reinforced her juju back to live. Without hesitation and time wasting Henry did the same method again as he did previously.

Everyone were waiting to hear Melody’s response but it seems as if it’s not coming, just as all hope was about going down melody stood up in a fast way as someone who just recalled something from her dream land thus making everyone to be surprised whether that’s her usual Way of answering any question not knowing that someone is behind it.

“The China earthquake that took place in 1982 in china” Melody’s answer struck even the governor because that’s one of the toughest question that’s not easy to be answered by a student except by a man or woman who knows history very much. Mr Adams was now smiling widely as the hall was clapping for melody who gave a correct answer.

Amanda who heard everything that happened didn’t understand a bit of what was happening, everytime she tries to bewitched melody brain with her juju something strange will change her plans.

It was so funny that Amanda on the other tries to destroy Melody’s brain and Henry on the other end was bringing back Melody’s brain from where Amanda took it to.
It was really an interesting competition as the thing kept repeating itself that way, which Henry will be there as Melody’s savior to rescue her but the question is will melody ever forgive him even when he was trying to help her out?

The last round was so tough with hard questions which was not easy to answer but in melodys case it was not so as she kept supplying answers to every questions which wowed everyone as they both wonders where she got such mentality from. People who witnessed the previous competition wondered if that’s not the same girl that sat like a molten status in the previous competition but it was still her and nothing changed.

Everyone were beginning to love melody for her intelligence, as they were all already saying that melody will be the winner but just then something unexpected happened as everyone were shocked and their eyes widen in shock to see such thing.

Melody was…. I mean melody was….

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