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The Series Of My Life - Season 2 - Episode 24
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The following day was a friday. I woke up
earlier, excused myself and went downstairs.
I called Okey my cousin in Nigeria and told
him what was onboard. I told him that there
was a plan to pick up some lose cash. He
wanted to know the amount but I just told
him what role he would play. His share was
going to be €200, it was small but the
entire pay was going to be small too. I
lectured him on what to say.

When I got back upstairs, I asked Maria
where we could get a decent breakfast. She
drove me to a quiet local coffee center where
we took coffee and biscuit. Their breakfast
idea was different from mine. As a Nigerian,
coffee wasn’t an ideal breakfast, I wanted
something heavier after losing some of my
energy the previous night but as American,
coffee was just fine. She was going to pay
for that suffering anyway or so I thought.
On our way out of the coffee joint, Okey
called with a hidden Number as we had
agreed earlier.

I answered the call and activated the speakout
application. Okey was speaking some altered

According to him, the United States
immigration department had requested for a
passport photograph and $500 to stamp the
letter of Invitation. They also asked for name
and date of birth.

Maria heard him too. I told her that as long
as those items were provided, the Visa would
be guaranteed.

”The whole project will cost you about
€2500” I told her.

”I will accommodate you when you get to The United States but at a stage, you would need to get a job and move on with your life” I said.

She agreed and thanked me in advance.
We got to the hotel and took our bath.

According to her, she was going for music
lessons by 1 pm. I played with her inside the
hotel until around 11am, then I asked her to
go and get two passport photos for me.
She left and returned with it an hour later.
She also came with €500.
”It is $500 not €500” I reminded her
out of genuine concern.

”I know, use the balance for DHL or
Fedex” she said.

We played some more before she left for
music lessons.

I sat down and thought about what I had
done. I had just scammed an innocent girl. It
would have been better if I had told her that
I wasn’t even an American. She wasn’t
suspecting anything. She was just an innocent
young girl who had dreams of traveling out of

It wasn’t worth it for me. Somehow inside
me,, I felt that I was better than that.
I had started drug business back in Germany
because there was nothing else to do and
because there was an urgent need to recover
the money I spent in coming to Europe.

How could all the good things my mother
thought me disappeared simply because I
wanted money.

NO, I can’t continue that way. I could turn
into a devil if I continued that way. I was
gradually becoming evil and it was only a
matter of time before it manifested in
everything I did. I wanted to be different, I
wanted to be a guy with heart. I wanted to
return to the same guy who was touched
deeply by Jennifer’s tears. It was better than
being a money making machine who commited everything crime in the book just because of money.

I went out into the city mall and bought a
bottle of Pinacolada and Martini. I took them
to the park and messed my brain up for

Maria called me around 6pm and said she
had returned from lessons. I told her to come
to the park.

She was excited when she came. She wanted
to know if I had sent the money and the
passport to USA.

”No, I didn’t send it” I said.
”Maria, you will not go to America now.

You will wait until I get back there, then I
will process the invitation for you by myself”
I said.

She stared at me as if I had just shattered
her world.

”The problem is that since it was going to be
a family reunion Visa, the American
authorities would require me to sign some
documents as your prospective husband. I
cannot achieve that as long as I am here in
Europe. I will soon return to USA and
process the papers” I concluded.

I handed her back the €500 and told her
that I would take the passport to America.
She wasn’t really happy about the development but she had no options.

I tried to cheer her up but she wasn’t as
happy as she was earlier in the day.

I held her hand as we walked to her car and
proceeded to her apartment.

I was proud of myself for what I did. I could
have taken her money and disappeared to
Germany but nature had a way of punishing
people for taking advantage of harmless and
unsuspecting victims.

” I am going to Germany tomorrow morning”
I said.

I told her that I would go to Moscow from
Berlin and return to Texas in a week’s time.
She didn’t really want me to go but there
was nothing she could do.

We slept in her house that night and also did
what we had been doing for the past two

She brought me back to my hotel before 8am
and waited for me to pack my small bag.

She also followed me to the bus Terminal
where I boarded a bus going to Vienna

It was good bye slovakia but I hoped to show
up there again someday.

It was fun playing the American.

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