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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 73
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As expected, the news of a gun in the HEIM had circulated. A certain Nigga had brought a gun into the HEIM.
The arabs were the most fearful group. They had been fighting with Africans for the control of the drug flow in the HEIM. They didn't know it had gone to the extent of getting a gun.
Jimmy, a Morrocan Man had somehow made friends with me. He had turned loyal.
Fadi, the Lebanese boy had also come to pay his loyalty to me.
They had stopped buying drugs from Berlin and joined my retail outlets. They had their own contacts too but between february 2005 and october 2005, they bought from me.
Amidst all of that situation, I was scared too. I was not a killer.

After the police search at the Train station in which they found only the foodstuffs, I had stopped bringing in drugs by myself.
My supplier in Berlin had a C class mercedes car. He would drive down to Brandenburg where we would meet in the night, then I would carry the goods and hide them in the bush. I would only take the ones I would supply that night.
Somehow, some kind of fear had started enveloping me. The money I was making was putting some fear inside me. I had saved up another 20, 000 euros and left it with Johnson in his new appartment where he lived with his white wife. Since he was looking for his papers through the girl, he he had stopped selling drugs especially in the street. He had maintained a few big boys whom he supplied. It was safer for him.

Life went on. Since I got my gun, I had started sleeping in the HEIM again. The Cowards from Cameroun had all vanished from HEIM. Sandis the thief who stole my drugs and paid with prison term was rumoured to have ran to France.

His friend Guy was rumoured to be in Belgium. The only one remaining was Christie, a lady of about 40 from Cameroun, she would greet me at every slightest opportunity.
She had heard that I had a gun. They all thought I carried it around.
A thought that protected me...

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