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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 22
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“You are hurting me Ben” Chipo guzzled chocking.

“How could you steal my phone Chipo? How dare you walk into my office and steal my phone calling my wife?” he yelled angrily recalling how he walked into his office from a meeting just to find Chipo on his phone talking and shouting. He had grabbed the phone and shouted for her to stop the nonsense but it was too late, he could not even get to explain that fact to his wife and she was gone.

Now he knew the chances of getting his wife to trust him again were minimal. How was he going to tell her Chipo had vowed to destroy him if he never went back with her?.

Ben was in his anger state as he remembered the events of that morning not realizing how tight he had held on to Chipo`s neck she was gasping and struggling to breath her hands on top of his hand.
“stop hurting my mother!” the voice of the small boy, the son to Chipo screamed making Ben throw her down she chocked and cried from the pain from Ben`s grip.

“If I ever see you close to my family again. If I ever hear, even just rumors you came to my office or anywhere near where my family is, I swear to God, you will not live to tell what am going to do to you. I left you years ago you know why?” Ben paused angrily moving closer to her as she looked at him with fear her eyes red.

“You were never a woman enough for me. You have always been pathetic and no matter how much sex I can have with you, it can never be equal to what I have with my woman in a second. She is part of me, she is my life you b**** and not you or anyone will ever come between us again. Never! Get that through your dull brain” Ben added and stormed out leaving Chipo in tears she was shaking with the effect of the near death experience she had.

“Mommy, are you okey?” he son asked her
“Am, um” she chocked wiping away her tears.

“Am fine baby, am fine now” she tried to smile through her pain as she heard the sound of the vehicle outside.
Ben drove back home and found his kids seated sadly in the living room the servant trying to force them to eat.
“What is going on here?” he asked as he walked in.

“They have been crying for their mother Sir, Mapalo especially. Where is she Sir, madam took off this morning and I have not seen her since” the maid went on.

“She will come back tomorrow, she went to see your grandfather in Chilanga okey?” he spoke looking at his kids he sat close to Mapalo.

“Daddy, why was mommy crying in the morning? I saw her before going to school, has she hated me for breaking the plate?” the girl sobbed and ben held her in an embrace

“No, no, baby, it’s not that. Mom can never hate you okey, you two are the best thing that has ever happened to her and myself and I want you both to know that always okey?” he tried to smile but Isaac looked at him and stood to walk away Ben had to hold his hand to stop him

“Isaac come back here what is going on?” he asked the boy.
“Why do you want to leave us daddy? What have we and mom done to you?” the boy asked pushing back the tears in his eyes.
“Am not going anywhere Isaac, where did you get that?” he asked wondering what was really going on

“I overhead aunty(meaning the maid) and uncle, the one working outside that you found another woman and you will leave this house. “ the boy cried out making Ben hold his face in shame.
“Those two were just talking nonsenses never mind them. Come on now how can I leave my beautiful family. I love you all you know that right? “He pulled them both close and looked at the family photo hanging on the wall he felt broken at the turn out of things. Slowly Chipo was breaking them apart and he could not stop regretting the day he allowed himself to be led into her bed.

“I love you so much” he whispered to his kids.

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