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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 24
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“Well, I will not wait till am old and haggard for me to enjoy my life and wait for my husband to be the one to create that happiness in me. You know Ben that has always been my mistake, to think that my happiness depended on having you in my life. Well, I got million other reasons to be happy and believe me, I will not cry like a child any more, am a capable woman and if I wanted to I could have stood up to fight that prostitute who goes from one man to another that she even failed to keep her marriage. Well, that is your problem and not mine. So go home my dear husband, stay easy and trust me, I will come back home and be happy with or without you. For now am going to find my daughter. When you were busy romancing Chipo I managed to get hold of Jack and he told me where I can find Grace, if this girl is my Grace am bringing her home. If not, am going to continue looking till I find our daughter. That is the only thing that I have decided to allow in my list of things to worry about” she smiled and lifted the hand bag to leave Ben was dumb folded he could not move from his position.

“Jena don’t do this to us please, you cannot just take things and do them like you are alone. Let’s find our baby together. I don’t want to go on and explain what happened for it is not important, for now all I want is to have a normal life with you my wife and our kids. “Ben held his wife`s hands and pulled her back close to himself.
She smiled at him and shook her head.
“I love you but I cannot trust you again, Grace is your daughter too, so if you are interested am going to find her in Monze” she shrugged and walked out making Ben look at her in wonder and rush out to her seeing she was not stopping to say anything more. He noticed she was heading to her car and without any hesitation he stepped into the front seat as she had already started the ignition.

“Uncle, will see you later!” she shouted as the car moved out of the yard her uncle responded blessing their journey from inside the house.

In silence they drove on for almost 20 minutes before Jena turned to look at her husband who kept looking at her.
“Your first love called” she started with a laugh.

“She is not my … “he stopped.
“Jena am…”
“Don’t say it Ben, just keep whatever you want to say to yourself. It doesn’t matter what she is doing now, whether she is manipulating you or whatever, the most crucial part of all this is you allowed her to use you in the first place so whatever happens afterwards is on you. Now like I was saying’ Jena looked at her husband again and back at the road.

“she told me she is going to sue you for assault, that you made her lose a baby last night and that you will have to face the law” Jena shrugged casually without taking time to look at her silent husband
“What? She is joking that son of…” he stopped himself from cursing

“My love I hope you didn’t believe her, yes I went to threaten her last night and I might have gone a bit over board choking her cause she made me mad with what she was doing to us. But that issue of losing a baby is not true. She was never pregnant my love you have to believe me” Ben panicked his eyes wide open as she talked Jena kept driving at a steady speed not paying attention to him
“Jena tell me you didn’t believe that witch, Please”

“I have no business with her Ben, I don’t even want to know how far you guys went with your affair and what happened along the way. All I want is that you keep me out of it. Don’t even think I will stand in court to defend you. All this is on your head and never even think of involving me” she stated
Ben felt a sharp piercing in his chest, he looked at his wife to check maybe she was joking but her serious facial expression told to him something had changed about her. He sat back and frowned his heat hitting with too much thoughts.
“Mom, I don’t think it was necessary for you to come over her. I told you am going to be okey” Grace told her mother as they sat at some eating place having their mid-day meal.

“I was worried about you Grace. You had not driven a car for some time. No wonder I never wanted you to get that license earlier “Diana shook her head
“Am fine now am I not? I am a grown up woman mother am not a child anymore. “
“I know, am just…, anyway forget it, so tell me how is this man you came to see?” she quickly changed the subject.

“Well, he is fine, I wanted you to meet him but he said he will just come over home next week.” Grace smiled at the thoughts of Jack.

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