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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Since when did Aunt Juliana develop a great interest for fashion shows? Lauren asked herself. They viewed the big living-room screen and watched the display on the catwalk, gossiping the Canadian models over bagels and salad sandwiches.

“The bad thing about these people is they starve themselves to death. Some end up having anorexia,” Lauren said.
“Not under proper supervision,” Aunt Juliana countered.

Lauren stuffed bread rolls into her mouth and struggled to speak. “How many of them allow proper supervision? Take Aryl Blond as an example, she is working herself to death.”
Aunt Juliana elbowed her. “Hey… that’s so exaggerating. It could be the TV deceiving you. I’ll be travelling to Canada next week for the next show. Follow me, so you could see your favourites in person.”
Lauren wondered if the Aunt Juliana who sat before her was same as the one in Canada. Except by accident, the one in Canada didn’t watch fashion shows on TV, but now she was discussing going to the venue.
“Wish I could,” Lauren said.
“Why couldn’t you?” Aunt Juliana said, sounding as though it was the normal they went to the venue. They had never seen the catwalk except on TV.

“You don’t expect me to travel to Canada because of some show.” She flapped her eyelids and tried sounding hysterical, so the woman could see how hysteric was her idea.
Aunt Juliana chomped off a bite of sandwich. A slice of cabbage slid from her bread and fell to the plate. “It’s the holidays, and we’d be there for only a few days.”
“I can watch the show in my room. That’s why there is a TV, a big one at that.”
“Believe me. The real show is better than TV,” Aunt Juliana said with much assertion, as if she hosted the real show.

“The screen doesn’t change their faces.” Lauren bobbed to the TV. “Look at Evelyn Jordan. I bet her face is like this whether on TV or not.”

“Why not come see them if only for the reason you love them?”
“I’d create better reasons to travel to Canada than a fashion show.” She selected the eggs off her sandwich and spread the remaining slices of cabbage so every bite could be accompanied with a slice.
“Reasons like?”
She rifled for one, but ended up with a blank head.

“Lau, Canada is your country. Don’t tell me you can’t think of a reason to go there.”
Of course, there were many reasons to travel to Canada: the surfing on its glaciers, swimming with its polar bears, quiet raining of its tiny snowflakes, the flakes squeaking beneath the feet with every step, and those times when they sleep on the nose for a second before they melt into water and trickle down. But there’s a whole life ahead to enjoy those. Few years on Africa’s soil, coated in its warm climate and its culture would always be a good story. Lauren budged forward to catch her aunt’s face and saw the worry in her face to return to Canada. Canada was home and would always be. One could always return home.
“I need some air at the porch.” Lauren la!d her sandwich on the plate and walked to the veranda.

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