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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 59
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”Yeah walk b---h, keep walking” Natalie laughs, then she turns to his door and took steps towards it, Tom, Tonia and Lucy steps to block her.

”I think her ears are blocked, maybe i should slap her with my slippers so it sticks to her head that he said i want to be alone ” Lucy says to Tonia and then faces Natalie.
”Oh , i get it, i see what is going on here, the witches of east-end coming against me so their girl can go lick his balls?” She says nodding towards Anna who wipes a tear from her face.
Tonia smiles ”Who knows, walk away Natalia, i think you have done alot of damage here and i swear to God if not that i am trying to be a good wife, i would ram my fist into your face so hard you won’t know what pretty looks like ever walk away”
”And if i do not?”

”I can triple the fist punch? I knocked a girl in school once, she without front teeth to this day, you want to do a test run?” Lucy shows her her folded fist.

Natalia laughs ”And Tom,you gonna stand there and watch them insult and then threaten to harm me?”
”Me? Pretty much”
she laughs shaking her head ”Darren love ME, i know how to handle him and make him feel better, they haven’t been together for a week and see the damage she did to him and you think it would last?”
”That’s for them to find out not you, now fxxk off” Tonia says ”Before i lose my temper and go hulk smash on your head”
”Whatever Tonia, fxxk you” she points at her ” and fxxk you too Luke”
”It’s Lucy!!”
”Whatever, you look like a Luke with your tiny boobs and no a-s and fxxk you too Tom, all of you and you too Darren, i hope you hear me, a-----e!!” she raises her voice and then catwalks away, then she pauses and turns to Anna ”Don’t get your hopes up honey, you wound a wounded man, ain’t no healing for that one , atleasts not for now so yeah, i am happy, i don’t get him, none of you all get him, kiss my a-s, its real” then she walks way

”God i hate her” Tonia sighs
”Me too” Lucy says

Anna cleans her eyes and the walks to them ”Can i pass please?” Lucy nods and steps away, Tom and Tonia do not
”Tonia?” Lucy says in surprise
”No Luce, now is not the time, you are hurt, he is hurt, this is a bloody mess of words that should have been avoided, let the sun go down on this one, tomorrow you talk”
”I can’t, okay, i can’t!”
Tom steps aside ”Let her through Tonia, matters of the heart remember?”
She stares at her husband and then at Lucy, ”Fine, but if you are going to go in there, do not get defensive. if you want to be all in, be all in. if not, end it and you both go your separate ways and maybe be able to laugh about it in the nearest future, let his not end in hate” She says and then steps away, Anna opens the door and then closes it behind her.

”Should we wait?” Tom asks
”No, whatever happens here on out, they need to decide on their own ” Tonia says walking away and opening her door, ”Tom?”

He nods crossing to her
”I am really sorry for my friend Tonia, really, she is a lovely girl and this, all of it isn’t entirely her fault”

”You and her owe me no apologies, i just want my friend to be happy, he is like a brother to me, and i would fight anyone who hurts him” she says , ”Goodnight Lucy, you should go back in too”
”Yeah, goodnight”
The door closes, Lucy waits abit, and then turns into her room and then closes the door.
Anna walks to the bed and then seats as it goes in, Darren’s hand is over his eyes.
”I said i wanted to be alone” She heard him say.

”I am sorry Darren, please..” she says ”Look at me”
”I don’t want to”
”Please, look at me?”
He drips his hands and then seats up, looking at her, her eyes glistens with tears ”I never meant to hurt you in anyways, i swear it, i do like you a awful lot and i am really sorry for all that happened here today..”

”What do you want Anna, i know you love him, why are you here?”
”Because…” she began.


Cupid wipes the sweat from is brow..
”Finally, after finding a way to clear those distractions with tons of spells and arrows, i have just one left, now where the hell is my love formula?.” He scraches his butt cheeks.
He heard a noise behind him, he is startled ”Damnit Jesus, stop doing that”

”It’s Gabriel!” the person comes to stand behind him

”Father sent you?” he didn’t bother looking at him.
”Yes, he says you are making a mess of things”
”Me, has he been watching what is going on down there? Look , i worked so hard to bring these two together, they were broken , a mess and i healed their hearts”
”By making a sex love portion and shooting it to them, yes i see what you mean”

”Don’t be an a-s” Cupid says moving away, he drops a bowl as it dances in the air, he has a book spread out and he is reading from it, pushing his hands into a bag he had slashed over his shoulders and throwing it into the bowl, he grabs a pinch of cloud, runs it together and then makes spatula out of it, he stairs the bowl.
”You lot won’t understand, Father said spread love, and i did, so what, sex is equated with love”
”And yet see how they turned out”
”Its that Natalia and that Bella and that Daniel”
”Right, i thought your love is supposed to keep them together?”

”It would, it would, look i am trying to work here okay? Ever since they got on that ship, i have been shooting arrows to cause them all of them of leave her and him alone, after missing tons of spells, i finally dispel them, dropping each on their heads, they gone okay, now i have them in the room, alone and i would fix this i will, this is their happy ending, it is…i just have to get this formula right this time, my all time love portion ingredient, and it would be perfect, no fights, just love ”
”And sex, i see the dosage you putting in Cupid”

”Yes, it’s more than the last one, look humans are predictable. They are together, you turn up the heat, they get in the mood, all sexy, know and the next thing all sins are forgive, they fall back in love and happy ever after, no more Bella and the rest…this would work and then i would go to father and then Jesus and go…in your face, look..this would work”
”I think you should speak to Jesus, he would be able to help.”
”Father then?”
”I said no, i know what i am doing and i am doing it right, i am , so if you could stop talking and allow me concentrate i would do it okay, you lot make me feel as though i do not know how to do anything, i do, i am cupid, cupid, the god of love, so let me let them love each other, is that too much to ask?” he shouts
Gabriel smiles and shakes his head ”No, it is not”
”Good, now watch me make this two happy again”
Gabriel seats down and the watches him ”carry on, don’t let me interrupt you”
Cupid continues to read, throw in spices, steer, steer some more, adds a few more items he brings out of his bag and then lastly he pulls out a container which had a shape of love”
”Where did you get that from?”
”From Jesus’s stash”
”You know what that is?”
”LOVE,’that is what?”
”Love isn’t something you can just-”
”Save it Gab, save it. i am near perfection here, so save it”

He continues to work, and then tosses the love shaped object into the bowl, with a smile he watches it melt. Then he grabs the last arrow behind him, and then places it inside bowl, watching it smear it entirely.
He turns takes it out, puts it to his bow bow string and says to it ”Bring them love, like never before, feel their hearts till it over flows with joy, bring the two broken hearts and mend them as one, show them just how to love in one accord” he lets it go and watches it rise up into the heavenly clouds and then sinks below it.
Gabriel gets up and then bends to watch how it descends below them, hovering over the roof of the ship and then sinking beneath it.
”Watch this love transform into something never been seen, watch my mastery at work, watch them fall madly inlove..” he smiles kneeling .
The arrows sinks below, finding their room and passing through the walls, hovering behind Darren, and with a sharp t----t, it pierces Darren’s heart from the back and the comes out entering into Anna’s dissolving into nothingness as soon as it exits her body and drops like invincible shimmers over their heads that dissolves.
”Hey Gaby, here we go, you might want to close your eyes for whats to happen next, i don’t want father saying i soil his sons by defiling them with things of the human flesh”
Gabriel chuckles ..and then says nothing, but he turns away.

Cupid smiles …”Get her Darren, let love lead”


”Can we start all over again?” Anna says in a whisper.

Darren smiles as he pulls her closer to him and then brings his head closer to hers ”Anna-” he breaths, she closes her eyes and breaths him in..


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