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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 61
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”But i never knew i had a chaos, he walked in today and poof!!”‘

”Yes, so you need to sort you out Anna, as much as i like you a whole d--n much, i would put my feelings aside for your happiness and if your happiness is Daniel and you think you both can work, married man or’s okay, i won’t judge, it’s your choice. If its me, i am right here, if your happiness is somewhere else too..then it’s great, go find it. You deserve to be happy, and i also deserve to be happy and my happiness lies in the fact that if i am 100% all in, it means she brings same value to the table because i do not share, i don’t know how to pretend and do all that, maybe i am weird too and wired differently. That’s just me and if i am not it for you, its okay, preferences for everyone but God knows i would not shove my feelings for you down your throat and force you to to have me just because i want this..i want us, you have to want it too, wholeheartedly without influences, without bias and of your own free will. And if you have doubts, walk away. ”

She closes her eyes, he was right. Her mind was messed up right now, it was in a chaotic mess.

He smiles sadly seeing that if he fights, he would only hurt himself, she has to un-love the one she loved or stop loving him before he can ever mean anything as important to her, and he is willing to give her all that and more…yes, he had fallen for her, all those times they spent together, all the laughter, the dates, her smile, slowly he had fallen inlove with her, he didn’t realize it until this very moment. His chest hurts, realizing that for the second time this year, he was going to lost the women he loved , Natalia, he loved her yes and it shattered him, he loved her a long time so it was understandable but Annalisa, nothing made sense and yet..she brings him peace, falling inlove with her had come naturally without the influences, maybe that’s why this hurts so much, having to let her go… ”I hope you do find your peace and happiness Anna, i do. God i am so gonna miss you, i will”

”I am so sorry Darren” She blinks back tears

He held her face and then caresses her cheeks again, wiping her tears ”I am sorry i didn’t get to give you butterflies, that was my aim, to make you soar” he smiled
”I would have liked that, i would have liked that alot”

”Yes, you would have…” she smiles at him. They stare at each other, his hands still touched her cheeks.

Staring into her eyes, he says ”I never was able to get my first kiss as your boyfriend, maybe..i could get the last?”
She nods, another tear breaks out from her eyes ”I am so sorry” She sniffs as pain shoots through her.

He cleans it ”Don’t be, you loved, there is no wrong in that…i will miss you Anna..” he says before he closes in and brushes his lips with hers, lingering as she kisses him back, drinking from her lips, and caressing her cheeks..

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