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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 78
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”I am not going in, I am not going in and I am not going in, I am not…

”Aahhh!!” she screamed covering her face and then dropping her hands ”Damnit Tom!!”

He laughs opening the door, and then pulling her out and into a hug ”D--n girl, you went on and got sexier, what kind of job they got you doing”

She laughs as she pulls away ”I missed you guys” she hugs him again
”So you say and you disappeared too, showing up like the star every once in a while. Not nice”

”I am sorry, I thought you guys hated me”
He scoffs ”No one does, Tonia can be touchy and sentimental but she doesn’t hate you, just camouflage, come”

”No no no, I can’t” she pulls away ”Darren and-”
”Girl, he already knows you are here”
”He does?” Her eyes grows big ” And?”
”And nothing. girl don’t seclude yourself, water under the bridge, come..”
”’Argh!! I really shouldn’t” she says grabbing the gift bag.

”You really should, come come say hello to my cute son, just don’t steal him away”
They laugh walking back into his house.

He felt it racing as soon as she appeared at the door with Tom, their eyes meet. He couldn’t breathe, he quickly turns away.

Oh my God! Oh my God oh my God! Breathe Annalisa, Breathe.

Annalisa says within herself as she walks to them, holding onto Tom.
”Hey Tonia!!” She says raising the gift bag ”Peace offering”

Tonia smiles taking it and giving her a hug ”Accepted! How are you?”

”Thank you, I am awesome. and you…baby looks good on you, a mother, wow!!”
”I know right, still sexy hot too” she winks
”No doubt there..thank you for inviting me”
”Thank you for the gift, see Darren got so much love” she rubs her baby cheeks and smiles.

They stare at each other, so does everyone stare at them.

A stretch of one minute passes.
”Awkward!!” Lucy mutters under her breath.

”Hi, I am Tammy , Darren’s girlfriend and you must be ..the girl who got away”
Annalisa frowns slightly taking her hand ”That what they call me now? It’s Annalisa” They shake
”You are a beauty!” Tammy says ”Wow!”

”You are beautiful as well”
”Nonsense! I pale in comparison to you. I am just a lucky gal to have this hunk of a man” she says leaning in and kissing Darren full on the mouth.

Annalisa smiles ”Nice to see you Darren!”
”You too Annalisa”
”You want a drink? I do?” Lucy asks
”I do”
”Let’s go!” she pulls Annalisa away.

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