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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 51
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I raised one eye brow and looked at him. He had to be joking. “You aren’t serious.” I said. He continued to stare and I realized he was serious. Hatred coated every thought I had and the mere idea of joining them made me want to puke. “I rather die than join you.” I replied angrily.

He looked at me sadly. “Please reconsider. Imagine the kind of power you would wield if you joined us. Our job is to maintain peace and order in our world. To punish those who threaten to expose us and shatter our lifestyle. You have hunted our kind all your life, you would be well suited to join our guard. Imagine the good you could do.” His voice was beseeching but I didn’t care.
“My answer is no. I don’t care for power and I don’t wish to fight by your rules. I do not and will not belong to you.” I replied, my voice strong. I figured they would kill me soon but I wasn’t afraid of death, not anymore. “So you can just kill me.”

He sighed heavily. “I was hoping you would join willingly but I see that I have no choice.” He looked at me sadly but there was a crazed determined look in his eyes that ruined his facade.

“What do you mean?” Something was wrong and I felt my stomach twist in a knot, like my unconscious knew what was going on but my consciousness couldn’t grasp it, not yet.

“You are too valuable to kill Anna and you will become a member of our guard. However, it can’t be as a human I am afraid.” My eyes widened in horror. Marcus continue to look on bored and Caius had a sadistic look on his face that reminded me of Jane. He wanted to turn me!? Please god no!
“NO!” I shouted and struggled harder to get free but Demetri tightened his hold making it more difficult to breath.

Aro took a step forward, “This is a gift Anna! You are blinded now but you will see. Like I said you will have power like you could have never imagined. You will be forever young and will see and do things people have only ever imagined. You will be a member of the most powerful and righteous coven in the world, a chance many would kill for.” He actually believed what he was saying but I wasn’t buying what he was selling. I continued to struggle in vain.

He started walking slowly towards me, “Get away from me!” I shouted and Demetri snickered in my ear. I closed my eyes and concentrated as I stopped Aro’s advancement towards me. I opened my eyes and he was staring at me with excitement in his eyes. My head was beginning to throb as I tried to keep him away.
“Haha, how wonderful! I really can’t move. Anna you truly are remarkable.” People started walking forward, growls emitting form their chests, but he stopped them. “Peace dear ones, she can’t harm me. Anna you can’t hold me at bay forever, stop before you cause yourself too much pain. The transformation will be painful enough.” He said gently and seemed generally concerned but I didn’t relinquish my hold. This was my worst nightmare!
“Watch me.” I said in cold and dangerous voice that made even Marcus raise his eye brows momentarily in disbelief before his bored mask settled back in. Aro just continued to stare at me patiently as the minutes went by. My head was becoming increasingly more painful and I had to shut my eyes. I refused to give up, I couldn’t. I would fight for my humanity or die trying. The only two options I could live with.

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