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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 57
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As he said these words I once again felt that need to please him. Something was lashing at my will and I had the s£nsat!on of being a puppet on a string. I couldn’t understand what was going on! Why did I feel this way? Like before I didn’t even think about it as I breathed in deeply through my nose and the most delicious smell in the world met my senses. In that moment any shread of my humanity that I still had was gone. My mind disconnected from my body as I quickly shrank into a crouch and growled deeply. Aro stepped away and I registered a smile on his face before my head turned to the beating hearts in the center of the room.

I moved quickly pinning the man to the ground as both he and the girl screamed in terror. I heard a crunch of a bone breaking in his arm from my grip and sank my teeth into his neck. I drank greedily, the hot blood flowing into my body curving my thirst. I never tasted anything so good and could not find the will to stop. Soon his screams died out and suddenly his heart stopped. As I heard that last thud something clicked in my mind. I remembered relishing every beat of my heart and my sorrow when it stopped. I remembered who I was and what I was doing.
I suddenly jumped backwards until my back was flat against the wall, leaving him un-drained but dead. I was hyperventilating and clamped my hands over my mouth in horror. “What have I done?!” I whispered through my hands. My back slowly slid down the wall until I was sitting on the ground, wrapping my arms around my knees as tearless sobs broke through my chest. I was still breathing heavily and while I smelled the girl the shear horror and guilt over what I had done kept me from killing her to. I was repulsed with myself.

Everyone was looking at me in shock, the sobbing girl almost forgotten. Aro walked over and knelt down beside me. “Why did you stop? How did you stop?” He was perplexed and confused. Their deaths meant nothing to him. He felt no guilt or shame but I did and I felt like it would crush me this very moment. I wish it would, I deserved nothing less.

Caius stepped forward and grabbed the girl, who began screaming and begging for her life. He threw her at my feet and I moved my hands so they dug into the stone wall behind me, holding my body there. “Finnish her off.” He said viscously. She smelt so good but my mind beat down the temptation as I gripped tighter to the wall. I shook my head and Caius growled. “Why do you bother? She is going to die no matter what. It’s either by your hand or someone else’s. You have already killed one, why not the other.” Pain shot through my mind as he said this and I looked at the man’s broken and bleeding body. Never again.

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