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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 70
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“This is where we keep our most valued possessions. I assume by your expression you like it. This is what happens when you have passion for collection and limitless time and energy at your feet.” He looked around the room smiling.
“Why did you bring me here?” I asked. While it was indeed impressive he had yet to tell me the reason he brought me here.
“Well with all the events that have happened recently I shamefully forgot to send dear Bella a wedding gift. Luckily I received an invitation to the wedding that reminded me of that over sight. I would like you to assist me in choosing a gift from in here. I was thinking a piece of jewelry would be nice.” He smiled. I felt a knot in my stomach when I thought of her and the rest of the Cullen’s. I really missed them…I stopped myself from thinking of them, it was too painful. I would most likely never see them again.
“Why do you need my assistance with this. Surely you are capable?” I asked emotionlessly.
“I would like a woman’s opinion though. It seems no matter how many times I see into the minds of the opposite sex I can never fully grasp or understand how you think. I’m guessing your intuition is something you’re born with and can’t be learned.” He laughed a little at his comment. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.
“Why me? Surely another could help you, perhaps Heidi.” He seemed determined to bring up things that are painful to me, like the Cullen’s. I swear he got a kick out what he is doing to me, flaunting them in my face while I’m trapped here. I had a feelign he had waited for Felix to leave so he could corner me when i’m alone. I loathed his very being.
He looked at me. “Because you know Bella and the other’s do not. You should have a decent understanding to what she may or may not like. Just browse around and when you find something appropriate, anything in the room, then bring back here where I will be waiting. It would please me immensensly if you assisted me.” He indicated for me to go ahead of him into the room. I felt that familiar urge to obey, the urge that no matter how many times I fought always won.

“Of course master.” I sighed heavily but walked ahead into the shelves. There were thousands of pieces of jewelry but so far nothing seemed right. I shut my eyes for a moment as I tried to remember Bella’s face more clearly but it was difficult. I saw her brown hair and pale skin but her features were out of focus. This was so frustrating! I continue to walk and passed by a row of books, contained securely in glass cases. I saw a Guttenbuerg Bible and various other pieces, many in languages I did not recognize. I was certain that the academic community would be ecstatic to get their hands on these pieces.

I left the books and continued down another hall of shelves. After a few minutes something caught my eye. On one of the lower shelves lay a small ancient wooden chest with ornate scrollwork and was adorned with gold wiring. The domed lid was inla!d with fragments of mother-of-pearl. The lower rim sparkled with various gem stones, each a different colour. I bent down and opened the lid delicately. Inside, cushioned in a pillow of black velvet, was a burnished gold necklace. The chain was thick, small and was scaled like the underside of a snake. Attached to it was a round diamond the size of a gold ball.
I wasn’t entirely sure if this suited Bella but it was so breathtakingly gorgeous it seemed a shame to have it stay down here for all eternity. Besides, nothing else caught my eye, nothing in here was screaming Bella except for the books but Aro insisted on jewelry. I closed the lid and carried the box back to the entrance where he waited, his hands behind his back.

“I see you have made your selection. Lets have a look!” He said enthusiastically. He held out his hand and I placed the box quickly into his palms, being careful not to touch his skin. He examined the chest and smiled as he opened the lid. “Ahhhh. I remember this piece. I bought it off King John himself, as well as many others, when he pawned most of the crown jewels in the 13th Century. Oh the memories this brings back!” His clouded eyes looked ahead, out of focus, for a moment as he reminisced. When he came back he smiled. “Excellent choice, a beautiful piece most worthy of young Bella. Thank you, I shall arrange to have this sent in the coming days along with our congratulations.”
“Can I go?” I said impatiently, I didn’t want to be in his presence any longer than I had to.

“Of course and thank you” He gave me a small bow as he waved me towards the door. I did not reply quickly went through and went back up the stairs. I heard the vault shut and lock as I reached the top and soon Aro was locking the golden doors behind me. He headed in the opposite direction, towards his office I assumed, as I headed back to my room. Before I even reached it, however, I felt a familiar aurora and smiled. Felix was back. I quickened my pace until I turned the corner and found Felix leaning against my door, a goofy grin on his face.
“Hey!” I said enthusiastically. I couldn’t stop grinning as I walked towards him, my stomach doing little back flips. When I reached him he pulled me into a bear hug. Ever since that night in the forest this had become his new customary greeting when no one was around. As usual I felt intoxicated by his scent and peace washed over me. I knew I was falling for him, hard, but I still wasn’t sure how he felt so I hadn’t said anything. I didn’t want to risk what we had. I don’t think I could survive if things got weird between us, my life was actually bearable now but only if he was in it.
He let me go and opened my door for me. We walked in as he slumped down on my chair, I jumped on the bed crossing my legs. “I see Aro came for a visit. Where did you two go?” He said lightly as he sniffed the air.
“Ya, he wanted my opinion on a gift, took me to the vault downstairs. No big deal.” I said quickly. I rather not think about our little visit.
“A gift, who was it for.” He asked, curiosity in his eyes.
“It was a wedding present Bella Cullen.” I looked away for a moment out the window. There were no clouds in the sky tonight so the stars dotted and illuminated the darkness. Even though it was a pit painful to think of them I couldn’t help wonder what they were doing now, all of them. Were they still in Forks or had they moved somewhere more remote for Bella? I assumed she was a vampire by now and wondered how she was adjusting to the immortal life, better than me probably. I sighed, where ever they were I hoped they were happy and safe. I felt the bed lower as Felix sat beside me.

He snapped his fingers in front of my face, bringing me back to reality, “Hello? Anyone home, did you hear me?” He asked.
“Wha…oh sorry. What is it you asked.” I said quickly.

“I asked how your day went. Are you all right? You kind of spaced out for a second.” He looked at me concerned and I smiled.
“I’m fine, my day was rather boring. You know about the most riveting part already.” I laughed lightly but even I could tell it was forced. “So how was your day with Demetri? Did you have fun?” I asked, desperate to change the subject. He looked at me for a minute before realizing I didn’t want to talk about it. He began telling me about his man date, well that’s what I called it. I laughed at his jokes and the stupid crap they did. He won back his money through another bet, I rolled my eyes at that one. Eventually I fell back onto the pillow and he soon joined me on the other side.

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