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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 90
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I started placing kisses down his chest, hinting at my growing desire, when we heard the soft ringing of his cell phone in the bag. We both groaned loudly, knowing who was calling. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I said in disbelief.

“I should get that.” He said quietly as he slowly, very slowly, went to get up. I quickly pinned him to the ground as I s-------d his waist and holding his hands to the sides of his head, our faces millimeters apart. He laughed lightly and his eyes shown with excitement but was unable to get up, I was still stronger.
“Let it ring, he can leave a message.” I said quickly as I kissed his chin. He angled his head downwards so our lips touched. I released his hands and wound my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer to him. Our lips parted for a moment.
“Fine by me.” he said, his voice low and husky. The moment became more intense when the d--n phone rang again. My forehead pressed against his as I tried to slow down my breathing.
“He’s not going to stop is he.” I asked, extremely annoyed. My eyes darted to the bag as I shot daggers at it, way to ruin a mood. His breath came out in a huff.
“Probably not.” He said sadly but I could tell he was just as annoyed. I sighed but rather than have him move away from me I concentrated for a moment, bringing the bag to us. He laughed loudly as I placed it on his chest and opened it up, taking out the phone. I threw the bag to the side as I played around with the little ringing object in my hands. “Are you going to give it to me?” he asked lightly. I silently handed it to him as he pressed talk.

“Yes?” he said politely.
Aro’s voice spoke on the other end, “Felix, why did you not answer when I called a moment ago?” he asked, though he sounded more curious than angry. Felix looked at me, obviously not sure what to say.

“Forgive me master, I was…a little preoccupied.” He said quietly. I covered my mouth to stop from laughing and he pressed his lips into a hard line trying to do the same. Preoccupied was the understatement of the year. Suddenly I got a wonderful yet horrible idea. I looked down at him and wiggled my eye brows mischievously before I started kissing him along the side of his neck.
“Preoccupied with what exactly?” he asked on the other end. At that cue my hands started to move their way slowly down his chest and I felt a shudder go through his body as his free hand tightened instinctively around my thigh. I smiled.

“I was hunting and left the bag behind. I did not return to it in time, I apologize.” His voice was slightly shaky. It pleased me greatly, maybe a little to much, that I could have this effect on him. I was sure he was going to kill me after this but I was having too much fun.

“I see, well no need for an apology. How is the search going? You two have sent quite a few back to us already, do you know where you two will be next?” he asked cheerfully. Felix let out a small sigh, grateful for the topic change though I continued with my little tease.
“We’re in the Ukraine right now and should find Charles and Makenna in the next day or so. After that I think we’ll search out Grigore’s coven in Moldova.” I could tell by his voice he was trying to end this conversation as quickly as possible. I placed a kiss at the corner of his lips and I saw his eyes narrow at me. I could tell it was taking a lot of strength not to act on the desire I saw in his eyes.

“Very good. Well I won’t keep you but remember we only have just over a week left. I suggest you hurry and I’ll check in soon.” Aro said, ending the conversation.
“Yes master.” Felix replied and I heard the phone go dead. He placed the phone on the ground and I both felt and heard the deep growl in his chest. Suddenly he flipped us over so that he was on top of me, pinning my arms above my head and kissing me passionately. “That was just plain cruel, were you trying to torture me?” He said after a moment.
“I was just having a bit of fun, surely there are worse ways to be tortured. I for one enjoyed it.” I said lightly. He looked at me for a second before flashing me a blinding smile and kissing me again.
“Very true but unfortunately we need to get moving.” I could tell by the look in his eyes that this was the last thing he wanted to do and I shared that sentiment. He released my hands as he quickly bound to his feet bringing me with him. He held me close for a moment. “I hope you know how much I love you.” He said, placing a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and looked into his eyes.

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