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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 2 - Episode 33
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“Yo Felix, Buffy! About time you got here, Alice hasn’t been able to sit still all day, though I guess that’s nothing new.” Emmett chuckled while Alice stuck out her tongue.

“Emmett we’ve had this conversation before. My name is Anna. AAANNNNNNAAA.” I said slowly, dragging out my name like I was talking to a toddler. If he mentioned me in passing to someone else he always used my actual name but to my face I was always addressed as Buffy. You would think after twenty years it would get old, especially since that particular title didn’t exactly suit me anymore but he had yet to stop.

“BBBUUUFFFYYY” he said, copying me. The others couldn’t hold back their laughter, including Rosalie, and soon I joined in.
“When are you going to give that name up? I haven’t been a vampire hunter for, ummm lets see, about twenty years.” I said lightly.
“Never, you’ll always be that vampire slayer in my eyes.” He chuckled and I shook my head. “But enough with your name, now that you two are here I think the forest needs a thinning don’t you?” He looked directly at Felix when he said this. Both their smiles grew and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Every time we stayed with the Cullens those two spent half their time fighting, though it was all in good fun. While Emmett loved hanging out with Edward and Jasper, his preferred wrestling/fighting partner was now Felix. Not only were they similar in size but Emmett commented on his inability to cheat allowing for a more exciting and fair match.

Though I couldn’t entirely agree with that observation since Felix could fight pretty dirty when he wanted. Still, this was a common occurrence whenever we stayed with the Cullens and their ‘little’ matches had become a favorite for Jasper and Edward, even Jacob on occasion, to bet on.

“I agree.” Felix said enthusiastically and began to move forward.

“Thousand on Felix.” Jasper said quickly, glancing towards Edward expectantly. Edward grinned and nodded before reaching into his pocket to pull out his wallet. Esme shook her head slowly looking at him, not approving of their gambling.

I grabbed the back of Felix’s shirt and pulled him back. “Tomorrow, tonight we need to get settled in.” I said. He looked like he was about to pout pulled his face together quickly. Felix did not pout, well not in front of an audience anyway.

“We have all day tomorrow to do that.” He challenged, Emmett nodding his head in agreement. Rosalie sighed and rolled her eyes before making eye contact with me and exchanging a quick and silent message. The two of us were fairly close now, partly due to our husbands uncanny abilities to act like overgrown children and because I actually gotten to know her, finding her straightforwardness kind of refreshing. Most of the time…

Though he had a point I was actually hoping to spend the night in our new home together…alone. “Well if you really want to but I was under the impression you wanted to find out what I was thinking earlier.” I said simply. There was only one thing Felix enjoyed more than fighting and unfortunately for Emmett it was something only I could provide. Felix caught the underlying meaning to my words and quickly changed his tune.
“Well now that I think about it maybe we should really get settled in tonight. Tough luck Emmett, maybe tomorrow night.” He said quickly, not bothering to look in his direction. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was very tempted to just pick me up and rush over to the house right this second. I heard Edward let out a small groan, rubbing his temples as he clearly tried to block whatever Felix was thinking from his mind. He had complained to me on more than one occassion not to suggest such things in his presense since apparantly Felix had a very vivid memory and imagination. Opps, sorry Edward I thought quickly, though part of me was both embarrased and amused.

“Freaking whipped.” Emmett mumbled, looking genuinely disappointed.
“What was that Emmett?” Rosalie asked, raising an eye brow.

“Nothing.” He said quickly and I pressed my lips to hold back a laugh. Rosalie gave me a smirk and I quickly returned it.

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