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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 2 - Episode 35
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I was about to ask Esme which road led to our place when I heard the very faint sound of tires turning onto the Cullens driveway. It wasn’t long before I felt the unique auras of Jacob and Renesmee. They pulled into the garage that was off to the side before making their way inside, hand in hand.

Neither had changed since the last time I saw them, with the exception that Jacob’s hair was slightly longer, but that didn’t surprise me. He wore a simple pair of dark jeans and a red t-shirt though it was all designer due to Alice. I remembered the fight he had with Alice when she refused to allow her niece to be with anyone who wore old, grease smeared faded clothing. He caved eventually like the rest of us but to his credit he lasted a few years. His usual grin was in place as the two of them came towards us.

What always managed to surprise me, however, was Renesmee. For some reason I half expected that adorable and inquisitive little girl to walk through the door even though it’s been over ten years since she reached full maturity. She was truly beautiful, a perfect mix of the two worlds she belonged to. Her auburn hair used to cascade down her back almost to her knees but a few years ago she had cut it, much to Alice’s dismay, and it now hung a few inches past her shoulders in waves. Unlike her mother she was actually fairly tall, only a few cm off me, though this was a good thing since Jacob was a freaking giant. She also wasn’t as slender as Bella but also wasn’t as curvy as Rosalie. Her chocolate brown eyes had deepened over time and she wore her father’s crooked smile.

She was dressed a little nicer, a dark blue blouse with a pair of white pants. She wasn’t as into fashion as Alice but she didn’t shy away from it like Bella. The one accessory she never took off was a charm bracelet that matched Bella’s but contained a lot more charms; it had miniature, hand carved wolves that corresponded with each member of Jacob’s pack as well as something to represent each one of her family members.

“Sorry we’re late, Jake practically bought out the entire grocery store.” She teased while leaning forward to give me a hug. Jacob had moved past us and flopped down onto the other free chair beside Alice and Jasper. He turned on the TV and began watching a football game and Emmett quickly joined him, sitting on the couch beside Carlisle. I saw Felix’s eyes slowly make their way to the screen.

Jacob shrugged, “Hey I can’t help it if I eat a lot, its a shape shifter thing. Out of my control.”

“Sure, sure. I think it’s funny that I’m the one who always ends up putting the food away yet I almost never eat a single bite.” She said annoyed.

“Almost never.” He agreed, his tone light. He tilted his head back and gave her a smile. She shook her head but her gaze was still loving as she stared at him. She could never stay mad at him long. She turned back to Felix and I.

“So when did you two arrive? I’m surprised you’re not at your place.”
“We only got here about ten minutes ago. Actually,” I tilted my head towards Esme. “I have no idea which road leads to our place.”
“Oh I am so sorry. Yours is the one heading north west, I meant to tell you earlier this week but I was just so caught up in finishing up last minute details with all the homes.” She replied.

“No need to apologize Esme. I can’t wait to see it actually, I’m sure it’s amazing as usual.” She smiled warmly at me and though she was not one to gloat I could also see the pride in her eyes. Carlisle leaned in and kissed her temple, whispering something into her ear I couldn’t hear.

“So have you gotten a glimpse at our uniforms?” Renesmee asked suddenly, a frown on her face. Emmett and Jacob both snorted and the others smirked. Renesmee gave them a hard stare, clearly not amused.

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