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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 2 - Episode 36
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The Cullen clan was splitting up this time in terms of schooling. While Bella, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie were all attending the local public school me and Renesmee had to suffer and attend a private school a bit further away. We thought it best since eight new students in one semester, from one family and who look inhumanly beautiful might be a little too much to pull off. This is one of the reasons Felix and I were not always with them, there were just so many of us and it’s hard coming up with a believable story to explain.

I groaned, “No. Are they that bad?”
Alice chimed in, “Oh ya. I went to the school and tried to convince them to let me design some new ones, I even offered to pay for them myself, but they wouldn’t budge. Some people just have no sense when it comes to fashion.” She sighed and shook her head sadly.

“I think I’ll just skip the whole high school drama and go straight for college then.” I said hopefully.

“Oh no you aren’t. You are not abandoning me.” Renesmee said sternly, her hands falling to her hips.

I grimaced, “Fine, I’ll endure the uniform for you. Happy?” She nodded her head but you could see the relief there of not having to attend the hell hole alone this coming Monday.
Felix wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer, placing a small kiss on my shoulder. “You want to go see the house now?” he asked, not exactly being subtle in his intensions.

“Ya Anna, I’m sure Felix is just dying to check things out.” Emmett said loudly, wiggling his eye brows. Alice giggled and I could see the others exchange loaded glances. I didn’t bother responding, choosing to grab Felix’s hand and head towards the door.

“Good night!” I said quickly as we passed through the threshold.

We were walking down the steps when we once again heard Emmett’s voice. “Try not to destroy the thing before the paint has even had a chance to dry.” His laugh vibrated through the house. I growled a little.
“Shut up Emmett!” Felix and I said simultaneously, only encouraging his laughter. We jumped into the car and quickly took off down the road. Felix managed to make the turn down leading to our place without leaving tread marks and I found myself getting excited for a number of reasons. The ride took an extra minute, as our place was apparently a bit further into the property. Soon the place came into view and I smiled. Thank you Esme.

It was modern and much of it covered with glass like the main house but it was smaller, consisting of two and a half stories. It was white on the outside but was offset with dark wood accents. From what I saw through the window, the walls were a plain white but Esme did that because she knew I would want to see it before I picked out the colours. I loved it.

Once Felix parked the car I grabbed my small bag from the back and exited into the night air. Most of our stuff, which was not much to begin with, had been shipped here last week. All I had on me were a few personal items and some clothes. I already knew Alice had stocked and organized our closet so I didn’t have much on me.

“Home sweet home.” Felix said, his voice teasing while he took my hand.
We walked up to the door and took the two keys with ribbons around them hanging from the handle. I walked inside and gazed around as I walked from room to room, taking everything in. The place was simple, not too big and not too small. Every room in the house had a piece of artwork, much of it from Renesmee who happened to have a passion and talent for art. I headed towards the stairs but Felix beat me to it, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder, earning a playful scream from me. I had a feeling he was dying to do this since he turned off the car but held back to allow me to look around a little.

I didn’t ask how he knew which room to go to since I soon myself lying on a bed while Felix kissed me passionately. I made quick work of his shirt, never breaking the kiss, and he did the same to mine. Before I could continue, however, he pulled away slightly. I looked at him questioningly since he had never done that before, usually getting completely lost in his desire.
He stared into my eyes. “Anna.” His voice was low and husky. He didn’t continue after he said my name and just stared at me.
“What is it?” I said after a moment. I was curious to what was so important for him to stop.

“Are you happy?” He asked. He stroked my face gently, his other hand running up and down my leg. I moved my hands from his chest and wound them around his neck. I was confused to why he would ask that or why he felt the need to.

“Yes. Why are you asking? I haven’t given the impression I’m unhappy have I?” I asked, concerned.

“No it’s not that.” He said quickly.
“Then what?”

“It’s just, I know this isn’t the life you wanted. I’ve been there since you were changed and I saw what it did to you and how unhappy you were. I’ve seen you struggle all these years with what you are. While you seem happy now I was just wondering if part of you still wishes you were human, that you had a different life. Do you have any regrets? You can tell me, I won’t get upset.” He said seriously while continuing to stroke my face. His eyes held such love but also concern. These types of conversations were not Felix’s forte so for him to bring this up meant it was important to him.

“Felix, does a part of me wish I was still human? Yes, I cannot deny that.” He opened his mouth to speak but I placed my hand over his, I wasn’t done. “But that wish has greatly diminished and I rarely think about it. I have come to terms with who and what I am. There is no going back and no I do not have any regrets. I may have lost my humanity but I gained you and you have made me happy in this life. I couldn’t imagine you not in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I titled my head and kissed his palm.

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