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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 2 - Episode 37
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He smiled and captured my lips once again. When he moved on to my neck I took the opportunity to ask him something in return
“What about you? I know leaving the Volturi was exactly your idea and that Volterra was your home for so long. Are you happy? Do you have any regrets?” I asked.

He lifted his head and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. “Nope, I have no regrets. Like I said before, I had no problems leaving the Volturi and I must say I enjoy the freedom immensely. You are the best thing to happen to me, anywhere you are is my home.” He touched the necklace he gave me, his own dangling just above me, and stared at it before looking me in the eyes. “So yes I am happy.” I searched his eyes for any deception and found none. I nodded my head, relieved. “So, should we agree to leave the past to the past?” He said quickly before ducking his head and placing a kiss on my stomach sending a tingling s£nsat!on throughout my body.

“Agreed. What matters is today and our future.” I said breathlessly, quickly realizing how corny that sounded despite it being grounded in truth.

I felt his lips turn upward as he smirked, kissing his way back to my face, “Even if that future contains ugly uniforms.”
“Ugh don’t remind me.”
“Sorry. I guess I need to find a way to make you forget about them now.” His mouth was only a few millimeters away from mine, his breath caressing my lips.
“That sounds like a good idea.” I whispered before latching myself onto him. Somehow forever didn’t sound like such a horrible thing when you have something amazing to live for.


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