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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 52
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I didn’t know how long I held him at bay but it was most definitely the longest I had ever done so and my head was screaming in pain. I ignored it, the pain was nothing to the alternative. After a while longer someone sighed heavily, “Aro it’s been ten minutes.” Caius said in an annoyed tone. “Just let me…” Aro cut him off.

“Patience, she will give in eventually.” Aro said in confidence. I didn’t have the energy to make a retort, all my focus was on keeping him away from me. My breathing was heavy and painful as my heart pounded harder in my chest. Maybe if I held on long enough, conveyed how desperate I was maybe they would change their mind…they had to.
Another few minutes went by until I heard Caius state, “Enough Aro. Jane.” I didn’t hear a reply I just felt the immense pain of Jane’s glare. It broke my concentration as I writhed in Demetri’s arms. “You may stop, it served its purpose.” The pain stopped and my entire body shook. D--n her to the deepest pits of hell!

“I don’t think that was necessary brother.” Aro chided but he seemed to let it go. He sighed, “Now let’s get this over with.” I felt him draw closer. I summoned all my energy and played the only card I had left.
I looked up with him, my eyes out of focus. “Please don’t. I don’t want this. I’m…I’m begging you.” I pleaded.

Begging was all I had left, they had shattered my last defense and I was at their mercy.
Felix spoke for the first time, “Master, maybe we shouldn’t.” he said uncertain. Aro looked at him disbelieving as did I. He was standing up for me. Why? Never mind, I didn’t care I just hoped he would listen. However, when I looked back at Aro my hope was shattered as he put a hand up to silence him. Felix didn’t speak again.

Aro looked at me apologetically but his eyes showed the same resolve. “I am sorry but you will see this is a good thing.” He stroked my cheek gently as tears ran hot down my face. “I’m afraid this will hurt.” I said sadly. His hand moved so that it titled my head to the side, exposing my neck. His face lowered and I felt his cool breath on the side of my neck. His mouth opened and his teeth slashed though my skin as if it were nothing. I cried out in both pain and sorrow as he drank my blood sending the venom into my veins. He withdrew after a moment, his mouth shut tightly as he fought the urge to drain my body dry.

That’s when the burning began and I knew I was in hell.

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