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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 53
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I lost track of all time and place. It may have been days, weeks or months but I didn’t know nor did I care. All I could feel was the endless torture as I was burned alive by the venom coursing through my body. I often screamed, begged to die but no one granted my wish and screaming never helped. Tears ran down my face for a long time but eventually they began to slow and I knew that soon I would loose the ability to cry altogether.
Over time I found that for brief periods I could think around the pain. I was hearing and sensing things like never before. I heard the quiet movements of people’s steps and can distinguish between them. I could hear the low whispers as they watched me writhing in pain, changing.

The biggest difference, however, was how far I could sense those around me. I felt not only those in the room but throughout the entire castle and even a little into the city. The strength of each person was increasing and I felt a better understanding and control over them. These moments of clarity, unfortunately, were not common and most of the time I just screamed in agony.

“PLEASE JUST END IT I BEG YOU!” I yelled for what must be the hundredth time. I didn’t know such pain could exist. I would take the boulder crushing my leg and Jane torturing me a hundred times over if it meant this would end. My teeth clenched together as I tried to fight back another scream. I was breathing quickly and my heart was beating hard in my chest. I relished every beat it took despite its role in spreading this poison throughout my body.

Aro’s voice was in my ear, “I’m sorry dear one. I know it is painful but it won’t be long. It should only be a few more hours.” I opened my eyes for the first time since I was bitten and he was smiling down at me with an apology in his eyes. His features were far more clear and sharp. I could even see the designs in the ancient stones that made the ceiling above him, a good two stories up. His skin took on a new shine and tone that I had not seen before. After I made those observations, in about a second, I glared at him as much as possible in an attempt to express my hate. This, however, did not last long as I sq££zed my eyes shut once again and cried out loudly in pain. A few more hours, it may as well be a lifetime.
I tried thinking of my most pleasant memories but they were so blurry. This scared me and I thought harder. I didn’t want to loose my memories, I wouldn’t so I thought of every happy memory with my mother and father. I thought of my time with the Cullen’s, my first true friends. I ran through them over and over as I tried to ingrain them permanently in my mind. They were all I had left of my humanity.

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