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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 71
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So on he went until there was nothing more to say. Eventually we started talking about other things. He told me more about his life since joining the Volturi and the things he did. I broke out in hysterics when he told about the time he chased down another vampire through a pasture and got manure all through his cloak. I knew the intention of the story was to demonstrate his fighting abilities as apparently that vampire was a highly gifted fighter who he “annihiliated” but I couldn’t stop laughing at the image in my mind.
“It’s not that funny.” He scowled.
“Ya it is, oh my god I can just picture your face. You standing there in victory, all tough and proud while cow crap clung to your cloak.” I buried my face in my pillow and soon felt Felix vibrating with laughter beside me.
We lay there until the early hours of the morning just talking, my eyes rarely leaving his face and smile on my lips. Still, the treasure I had chosen for Bella never left mind. It would be on its way soon to its new home…my home. Though as I thought this my heart was now torn between the double meaning of those words; the physical home where I knew I could find some sort of happiness in this purgatory and the home I felt with Felix’s presense, in his embrace.
What my heart could not decide was which did I long for more…



POV: Felix

Everything was ready for Anna’s surprise, it didn’t take much preparation but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. These last few months had to be the happiest of my existence. Not even a good fight to could compare to adrenaline I felt in her presence, though I never said no to a good fight.
Heidi came around the corner and smiled when she saw me. “Hey Felix! Some of us were going to go and have a night on the town, you in?” She asked eagerly. She grabbed hold of my arm and started to drape herself over me. I knew Heidi liked me and had always tried to make our relationship into more. Since Anna arrived she had redoubled her efforts. In the past I may have been tempted to see this go further, even though I never felt anything for her, but not anymore.

“I’ve got plans, maybe another time.” I said quickly as I slowly pulled away. She frowned.

“Plans with her?” She asked in a sneer. Jealousy was written all over her face. By all rights her face should be a healthy shade of green right now.
“If by her you mean Anna then yes.” I said a little annoyed. I gave her a wave and continued down one of the many halls to put my plan into action. Soon I was outside of Anna’s door. I didn’t even have to think about it, my feet just took me here automatically. I could already smell her roses and honey scent.I walked in, as I always did, and heard water running from the bathroom. She was in the shower. I had to shake my head to get some inappropriate, but extremely tempting, pictures from my mind.
“I’ll be out in a minute Felix.” I heard her call from behind the door. I smiled.
“Take your time, I can wait.” I said and starting lounging around on her bed, staring at the ceiling. After a minute the water shut off and I could hear her step out. I heard the door open a crack and looked to see her head poking out, she was wrapped in a white towel while her damp hair lay loosely around her face. This time I could not stop some very pleasant images from entering my mind. “Hey.”
Her eyes narrowed slightly but there was a small grin on her face. “Close your eyes so I can get some clothes from the closet.” Her voice was such that I would be a fool to cross her so I obliged. I heard her feather light movements as she was in and out in two seconds, shutting the bathroom door behind her. After a moment she emerged in light blue flare jeans and a yellow silk shirt. Her hair was still wet but brushed back and pinned. Beautiful as usual. She walked over and leaned against the bed frame. “So what’s up?”
“We’re going out.” I said simply.
“We are, where?” She asked, curious.
I shook my head, “Well first I’m taking you hunting but the second part is a surprise but don’t worry I think you’ll like it.” Well I hope she does, it took me forever to find the perfect place.
“You know I’m not a huge fan of surprises and besides I’m supposed to hunt tomorrow when…” She cut off and looked away. I knew what she meant. She had arranged her hunting schedule so that it coincided with Heidi’s baiting, when the rest of us fed. She couldn’t stand to be near the castle during those times, I knew how horrible she felt not being able to save the human lives. She looked back, “What’s the occasion.” She said lightly but there was still the shadow of guilt in her eyes.
“You really don’t know?” I asked perplexed. I thought she of all people would know what today was, I had only just found out a few weeks ago. She shook her head. “Well I guess this will be a surprise in more ways than one. Let’s go.” I left the bed and went to the door.
“One sec, let me dry my hair.” She turned around and went towards the bathroom.

“Actually I wouldn’t, you’ll just…” I cut off before I said too much. She turned around slowly, an eye brow raised, and I could tell she was thinking through my words. I indicated for her to come and she walked past me, still in deep thought.
Soon we were walking into the garage and she instantly headed towards my car. For once she didn’t ask to drive and jumped into the passenger seat. As soon as I got in I started the engine, probably the second most beautiful sound in the world, and took off. As soon as we were out of city Anna went straight for the radio. Internally I groaned when she found a station playing her favorite artist; Josh Groban. She smiled and leaned into the back of her chair but then looked at me, confusion in her eyes.
“What?” I asked.
“You’re not complaining about the song, that’s a first?” I just shrugged. She gave a penetrating stare, still trying to figure out what I was doing. I just shook my head smiling and she scowled. We drove for two hours, two hours of painfully horrible music, but eventually I pulled over on the side of a road that was lined with a forest. I stepped out into the night air and a second later she was beside me.

She looked around. “Ummm, nice place. Why did we go so far to hunt?” she looked at me. I could see the wheels turning in her mind trying to figure out what I was doing.
“Well two reasons. First there is a growth in the bear population here.” Her face lit up, according to her the carnivores tasted better though it all smelled disgusting to me. “And the second part you’ll just have to see. Have you not figured it out yet?” I asked amused.
She frowned, “No, can’t you just tell me?”
“Afraid not, now,” I indicated to the forest, “After you.”

-Continuation of chp, new perspective-
POV: Anna
I dashed into the forest with Felix close behind me, I was still racking my brains to figure out what was so special about today. To be honest I wasn’t exactly what the date today actually was, I wasn’t keeping track of time I didn’t see the point anymore. If I had to guess I would say it was late October judging by the weather. Suddenly I caught the scent of a bear and I was about to pursue it when something came to mind and I stopped in my tracks. Felix ran past me but was at my side a second later.
“Why’d you stop, aren’t you thirsty?” he asked.

“I am, I was just wondering if you would be willing to join me hunting. You’re definitely thirsty.” His eyes were as black as the sky. He looked at me confused.
“I’ll be feeding tomorrow, you know that. Plus there are no people in this area.” He said simply. I tried to ignore the reference to his usual form of nourishment. It was an unfortunate reality in Voltera, one I hated.
“Ya but I thought, maybe just maybe you would like to try my style of hunting. You never know, you may like it.” I gave him a wink. He started laughing but I kept the smile on my face, I expected that reaction and I had a backup plan.
“I’m not that thirsty Anna.” He rolled his eyes.
I sighed theatrically, “I guess your right. It takes a lot more strength and discipline than is normally required. Don’t worry Felix, most aren’t up for the challenge.” I paused for a moment and pretended to think. “It’s for the best, you’d probably just slow me down. You can wait here, I’ll be back soon.” He looked at me in shock and as I turned around I saw his eyes narrow. I took off into the trees but it wasn’t long before I felt Felix following me. I smiled widely, he couldn’t resist a chance to show off his strength in any shape or form.
“I’m trying this once and only once.” He grumbled.

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