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Whatsapp  adventure  - Season 3 - Episode 49
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we went to the canteen,, eat drink played and celebrated for all of us,, at around 1pm. we all we all decided to go In and fresh up,,

chuks. that was awesome,,

Dan. hmmmm here smells one kind,,

chuks. is that not blood on Tony’s bed??
I looked at my bed,, there was really a dry blood at the side of my bed sheet,, oh what should I tell them now,,

Dan. tony what happened??

me. oh I felled down at the pitch this morning,, and I injured my back,, so I lied dia to rest when I returned,, because I was hiding the injury from amina,, but its just a slight injury,, and it must have locked up,,

chuks. really,, hope you are OK share,,

me. yes.

Dan. tony can I see your back,, ?? let’s see how big the injury was,

me. no danero, its nothing just a slight injury,, forget it,,

seems God was at my side,, the blood discussion just went dead and nobody talked about it again,, you know God was really at my side,, because my room mates I know will never give up if they didn’t seeing the injury,, yes I made a promise to them that I will never hide anything from them,, but I can’t just tell them that the blood was amina’s virginity blood,, or start telling them that I had sex with amina,, no nah,, that should be stupidity,,

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