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Whatsapp  adventure  - Season 3 - Episode 57
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———–>>>fast forward<<<————-

we woke up very early the next day being Sunday,, went to mass,, returned after mass,, and everyone started packing and getting ready to leave,, I packed all my belonging in my wardrobe,, and also pack the once am taking with me in my little traveling bag,,

the school bell came around for the students to present their bed sheets,, immediately I became scared,, maybe the school laundry team will notice aminas virginity blood on my bed sheet, what will I tell them,, how am I going to defend my self,, if they ask what blood is that,, what will I tell them,, what if the female one understands that the blood is a virginity blood??
after much thinking,, I decided to atleast go there first and God will help me,, chuks and Dan already took there’s and left the room,, I took mine and joined them,, on getting there, there is already a long cue, I joined the line ,, one thing about this is that when you get there,, you will have to open your own bed sheet for them to see that you didn’t tie it,, how am in going to handle my case,, it got to my turn,, I quickly went up,, open the first one,, they registered it,, I opened the second one and it was also registered,, without fear I opened the third one, which has the blood stain on it,, luckily for me none of them was looking at me,, I quickly close it,, was about dropping it when an unexpected question came,,
biology teacher. what is that blood stain on your bed sheet??

(surprised) looked at my back to see the biology teacher coming towards me,, I quickly compault my self

me. good morning sir,, I once had a little injury during my training in the pitch ,, so I used the injury to lay on it,, so the blood from my injury stained it,,

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