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With The Devil  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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The truth is,I didn’t actually think it was going to be the right guess till that day.

Much like I would hate to say it or really affirm that it is the simple realistic truth,Pretty was a total embodiment of me.In Pretty,I saw exactly myself.

Its like I was her kinda twin if u should understand it that way,but the simple truth here is that I started realising that Pretty exhibited almost the same exact character that I do exhibit, and she has severally told me that I was the person that actually invited her into my life.

So,I could only figure out that if she is in my life,then I had wished for it,and the time I remembered having that kind of wishes was at a particular and certain other time in my life when I will always wish that Amara was my age mate!

“You still don’t want to tell me?” She inquired on.

“I will tell you” I said.
“Please tell me.Even though I do act all tough, really as fragile as you can be;easily ,this kinda situations swooshes me!” She ended..

“Well,since you said I actually invited you into my life,I figured if I was inviting your kinda person,it would be someone my age!” I replied her.

I looked at her again,and caught her smiling again.

I started rubbing my hand gently on her feet in a romantically caressing manner,and then I heard her say to me:
” I want us to go somewhere!”
“Go out again? Am really really not in that going out mood again ” I said.
“No,you misunderstand.Its not that kind of going out.” She said.

“Which other kind kwa?” I asked,with my gaze now focused on her

“Like the swimming pool own” she said.
“Again?” I simply asked.

“I just want to show you something. We will be back before you know it,and then we will ….you know!” She concluded.
“So,what am I supposed to do now?” I asked her.

“Just relax and stay how you are and continue caressing my feet!” She told me.
I did as she asked,and then as if there was a sudden rush of drowsiness in me,I realised that I was no longer in her room,even though I knew I was there a few moments ago.
I looked around and saw Pretty beckoning on me to increase my walk as I was way behind her.

” Where are we going? ” I asked.
“Don’t will know when we reach!” She replied me.
I followed her sheepishly as we walked endlessly through a myriad of roads.
We came out at a point,and as I looked back,I didn’t see the road from whence we came from,and I was kinda frightened.
I looked up ahead and there laying before us was like Hundreds of road with its starting point from exactly where we stood.
“So,which road are we going to follow?” I asked her.
“Just calm down my love”” she simply said.

That was the first time she used that line on me and I must say it kinda uplifted my spirit and reassuringly evoked my ultimate trust in whatever Pretty had in mind bringing us there.
After waiting endlessly for like five minutes top without anything actually happening, all off a sudden,the roads started closing in on us one by one,and before i could say Jack,I heard Pretty tell me:”run back”.
“Run back to where,can’t you see the road we came from is no no more?” I said.
“I know “she said calmly,and continued:
“But just do it!” She finished.
I listened to her and followed in her directive, and the next thing, I was back in her room,with my hands still on her feet.I looked up to see Pretty looking back at me:

“What was that ?” I found myself asking.
“The aspect of you I just don’t honestly understand!”
She calmly said,stroking my chin..
I looked on at her for a moment more,and then I readjusted myself and left the support her laps were giving my head.
I stood up and went straight to where my trouser and shirt were and put them back on,which I assumed must be startling her as I also correctly assumed she is probably watching me too.

After dressing up,I looked at her direction and certified my earlier assumptions as she asked me:
“Why did you dress up?”
“Am going!” I simply replied her.
“Going? Why,what’s the problem?” She asked me.
“Nothing.. I just remembered something.” I replied.

“At least this time around,you made it obvious to me now that you are lying” she simply asserted.
She then continues:
“Just tell me what I actually did that you don’t like” she asked me.
“I was thinking that the main reason I came here today was for a different thing altogether, but this….I just don’t know Shaa!”..I simply cut short.
“Okay am sorry I did that with you again” she said.
” Am not angry,am really not angry;but I have really lost it for today;unless you just want to see the sulky part of me” I told her.
After looking at me for a while,while I stood up there looking back at her,she invited me back to the bed,and I obliged her.

“Can I tell you something?” She asked me.
” I love hearing you speak” I told her.
“Its about Jane.” She said,
Knowing fully well what my reaction or body expression will be.
“Jane? ” I asked.

” Yes. I want you to call her and tell her not to proceed with her marriage plans.” She told me.
“You are joking right?” I asked.
“Am very serious” she said.
“Why?” I asked.
“You really should not know this,I mean,you are not supposed to know this.But,I have accessed many aspect of you,and I know that you really have deep affection and she occupies a great deal in your mind..That’s why am telling you this.” She said.
“Alright,alright! I can’t do that. Even if I can,I still won’t do it.” I told her.
“That’s okay.I have gotten something I can rely on to do it myself” she said.
“I really just don’t understand, what is just happening today? You have just been acting weird since today. I said.
“That’s what you think. You just won’t understand” she simply said.
“Well,make me understand” I pleaded with her.

“I try as much as possible to tell you all I know,and that’s it.Nothing much.” She said.
“I have to call Jane” I said,not minding the fact that I left my phone off for a reason.Immediately I switched it,I got a reply message from Amara telling me to come or do as I promised,and give her a call as soon as I get the message. I was happy.
I called Jane as I earlier planned.
“My love” she said with an enthusiastic voice,and then added:
“Ever since I told you that am getting married,you just forgot me na?” She quizzed
“Do you love him?”
I asked her.
“Yes,but not like you.” She answered and asked me:
“What brought about this hot afternoon questioning Odii?” She asked me..
“I just want to make sure you are okay as my love” I told her.
“It feels great hearing you say it!” She said.
” Thank you.But,I have this to tell you: ‘don’t ever listen to anybody telling you not to marry him,whether in life or in your dreams” I simply told her.
“Why are you saying all this things?” She just asked me.

“In time,you will know” I told her,telling her I would call her again.
While this call was going on,Pretty continued looking at me and smiling even as I ended the call.

She now mouthed the sentence she uttered later:
“You just complicated things!”..

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