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The killers guild

The killers guild
The Killer’s Guild (Sin City)

Antony Jefferson was living a
peaceful uneventful life where
nothing ever goes wrong he had
married the woman of his
dreams Isabella Willis.everything
went well until 2 months after
the wedding when tony came
back home to find Isabella’s dead
body shot and killed by an
unknown person.Tony’s life took
a drastic turn as he was arrested
and charged for his wife’s
murder.He was later rescued by
his uncle who escaped from
prison 20 years ago.He took Tony
to a place where law and order
does not exist(the city of
sins)Tony must now use his new
abilities to avenge his wife’s
murder and investigate a group
known as the killers guild who
seems to be at the center of
everything while struggling to
survive in the Sin city all together
a place where there are no rules


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