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My best friend's brother [completed]

My best friend's brother [completed]

…. [/PROLOGUE] ….

… He was her best friend’s brother…
… She was his little sister’s best friend…
… He was a player…
… She had a crush on him…

” Ariel has always liked her best friend’s brother. She knew that he only thought about her as nothing more but his little sister’s friend…. (well kind of disgusting in my own POV)

They had a great friendship regardless, and Ariel didn’t want to ruin that by admitting her feelings to Adam, especially when she thought it would be pointless.

Every week a new girl and every week, a broken heart… (lol… sorry but that’s the kind of person Adam is or maybe not… hhhmmm depends on how you view it to be… lol…)

Ariel decided she wanted a change and her best friend Libby was there to help her. From that day, all eyes were on her.

What will Adam do and what will happen between them? Will Ariel get over her crush for Adam or will she fall harder?”
…… coming soon (shortly) or may be later in the afternoon… and am sure you won’t want to miss how Ariel go about her fillings towards her best friend’s brother (Adam)…. there is so much to this romance novel…. don’t miss it!!! ….hahaha
……out soon!!!


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