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Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 1

Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 1

Tina POV*Its another term.. I was so happy knowing that I will resume the following week.. I make sure I braid my hair to look elegant and more beautiful.. No doubt am one of the most beautiful girl in school, I always find people admiring me and I always get a lot of crush but I never give a d--n about them I always get the question from other girls or should I say rumours but they can’t say it to my face“” why is she special “”??“” why do boys die for her?“” and what makes her this beautiful?? Yea those are the questions or rumors I do get..

I also do ask myself those questions sometimes and why am I always not attracted to any guy..and yea I must not forget the only person that drives me crazy.. my Bestie Roy..

We’ve been friends ever since we are kids..I love been around him , I can’t stay a day without him, he always knows how to make my day… one of the thing that get me excited that am soon gonna resume, is that am gonna see my Roy once again..Him and his family went for vacation else we would have been meeting severally…

I so much miss him, I can’t wait for him to come back and gist me about his vacation…

***Tina..my mom called..Yes mom..am coming I saidMr James just called that they will be coming back in the next two days, so that Roy could prepare for school..mom saidOh my God.. Mom are u serious..I shouted.. Yes..she saidI was more than happy to heat this..I can’t wait to meetmy Roy, my Bestie , my trouble shooter, all these days have been boring without him…I really missed him..


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