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Story: Toto Pass Toto - S01 E17

Story: Toto Pass Toto - S01  E17

No time to waste, I logged out ’cause it is just two hours and some minutes to paralyse somebody’s daughter.I swept my room and cleaned the electronics in the room furniture in the room.Dressed the bed and brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom and took my bath.

Spray the whole room, insert a soft music in the speaking system. I checked the time 12noon, I put a call to Tracy.

Me: hello, Tracy baby smiling

Tracy: my love, hope you are hard and ready to scatter my p+ssy giggling, my d+ck twitch

Me: am overly ready to do that, am even h+rd right now.

Tracy: lemme go and wash my p+ssy properly clean, and then start coming.

Me: alright, baby. call ended I laid on my bed kicking the air, Tracy is a girl that her p+ssy can make any man go gaga.

Last supper with my ex is not a bad idea, i went out of the room in search of pharmacy.

On my way I saw PHCN officials climbing an electric pole beside a yard, some rugged looking muscular built guys of three emerge accompanied with children, and some women with young guys.

Muscle guy1: iffa count 1! You don jump down from that pole like agama lizard I stop and watch

Phcn official1: ona nodey gree pay bill Still climbing the pole

Muscle guy2: you nodey hear? rushing to push down the pole

Phcn 2: wetin you wan do? blocking his way

The muscle man lifted the PHCN official blocking him up…

Muscle 2: you wan swim for inside that suckaway? he stood before open suckaway filled with dirty water

Phcn 2: abeg ooohh!! No! No!! I get children for house oh!! My family!!I shook my head and walked away, got to the pharmacy and saw one small girl alone in the pharmacy.

Small girl: good afternoon thinking if I should buy the Cd and Tm from her

Me: umhh… Give me that medicine called Kiss.

Small girl: okay she brought out a roll of it how many?

Me: three i brought two hundred naira and gave it to her

Small: why is the medicine called kiss? I asked my aunty but she refused to tell me.

Me: because Judas kissed Jesus before he was captured, eehhh…

Small girl: hmm.. But my uncle use to wear it see this small pikin oh I was scratching my brain on what to say when her aunty entered the shop talking with a passerby.

Me: good afternoon, give me tm 200ml

Her aunty: okay, do you have malaria?

Me: yes, strong one.

Small girl: aunty what is TM? all these kind small pikin be witch o

Her aunty: is temple and mountain she gave me the drugs in package

Small girl: okay!The sun was so angry that I have to buy cold pure water trekking down to my house, when I got to the house and checked the time it was 1pm on the time.

I rushed inside the bathroom and took a quick bath, came out and dried my body with my towel.

Ate rice quickly and drank two tins of milk, i took a glass of water and swallowed the TM pee.

Stripped myself to my boxer, I picked up my phone and dialed Tracy number…

Mtn woman: the mtn number you are calling is switched off i press the red button angrily

Me: Tracy you have kill me!I rolled on the bed in frustration, minutes later my d+ck started rising slowly and became very strong and hard. I checked my contact list to see who I will call to help my condition, a knock landed on my door.

Door: koo! Ko ko!!

Me: am coming I fly to the door thinking was Tracy

Ada: good afternoon, can you… staring at my boxer were my d+ck was standing like pole

Me: ehnn.. What should i help you with? shifted my waist inside the room

Ada: ehnn.. Is inside my room, just to put bulb.

Me: let me wear short, am coming.

I went inside and wore short, came out and followed Ada, the young couple house wife.

Her ass vibrate with strong velocity that I started imagining stuffs coupled with my h+rd b+g d+ck.

She went inside and I followed, my big d+ck forming a huge bulge in my short.

Ada: wait…She entered the hallway and some minutes later…

Ada: come inside…I left the chair and entered inside the room closing the door from behind, I was surprise to see her on just towel.

I lost all my senses as she untied it and let it fell from her body, i was about pulling my boxer ’cause I have pulled the short I was wearing earlier with speed of light…

Voice: darling, am home…!! from sittingroom Enemies…


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