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Her Darling Boyfriend - S01 E04 (Story Episode)

Her Darling Boyfriend - S01  E04 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

(Bella's POV) I woke up very early in the morning while Alvin was still sleeping, he was sleeping cause it wasn’t a working day.

I stood up feeling a pain on my back, the previous night was really hot the way Alvin devoured me like a hungry lion, he missed me I think. I look at his cute face and smiled.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower, after bathing I thought of what to do “breakfast of cause” the little b---h in me whispered. I smiled and walk to the kitchen, on my way to the kitchen I heard a human footstep at the guest room, I became terrified. I ran to wake Alvin, he got up angrily rubbing his face. “What the problem? ” he asked “I heard human step at the guest house ”“Common sweetheart the door to the guest house is locked, that’s not possible” he turned to lie down but I tapped him on his shoulder “No, let’s go and check it might be a thief” “How can a thief enter here, maybe it’s just an imagination ” “No let’s go and check ” I insisted He lazily stood up, he picked a key and walk fast while I ran after him but he slammed the door which took me much time to open “what the hell is wrong with you! ” I back after him.

I walk fast to the guest room in order to meet up with him, he had opened the door already looking at the room like a confused man on war “So where is the suspect ” he asked opening his palm. “d--n you, was that why you slammed the door? ”“I wanna know before the he or she runs away ” “A she? ” I asked “Sure, a she might be a thief” he answered nodding his head “How can a she be a thief? ” “What are you trying to say? ” “I’m trying to say, a she cannot do this it must be a he or ghost ” “It’s okay darling, it might be an imagination ” I said pulling him close for a hug. “but you woke me up ” he said giving a smiling frown.

He held my head with his palm and kissed me. “I need a blow job ” he said, I gave a tired look. “that should be after breakfast ” I said and walk to the kitchen.

(Alvins POV) “Wow, I’m a bravo” I closed the door gently and called out Mitchell who was hiding at the guest bathroom, I spoke to her in a low tone.

Mitchell is my first girlfriend the one I’ve ever loved, I accepted to date Bella in order to get money from her for Mitchell’s school fees. She doesn’t buy the idea so do I but we have no option.

The previous night we were making love when Bella came, I had to persuade her to the guest room.

When I came to give her goodnight kiss then Bella was asleep, she spoke her mind “Alvin I want you to call it up with her ” she had said to me.

I turned on the guest room light, surprised at her “any special reasons? ” I asked her “You’re falling for her “she said causing me to get angry.

She knows I was playing a dangerous game to satisfy her, it’s never my wish to date anyone apart from her but I got no option.

She wants me to be harsh on innocent Bella who had no bad intentions like I do. “Yes I love her” I said and walk out, I locked the door, she knew I was still angry about the previous night.

I apologized to her even I know she was wrong, I get angry easily but I always apologize when it comes in terms of Mitchell.

She accepted my apology and hugged me. “Breakfast ready ” Bella’s voice interrupted, I reassured her things gonna be fine and left.

(Authors POV ) Mitchell’s check burned hot as tears sting her eyes, she had never thought of sharing her boyfriend with any lady.


To be continued



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