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Her Darling Boyfriend - S01 E05 (Story Episode)

Her Darling Boyfriend - S01  E05 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

Alvin and Bella had a breakfast of only coffee, she dressed up and leave. She reminded him of Valentine’s outing he had promised her, Valentine was two days to come. He also promised to take Mitchell out.

After Bella left, he breathed a sigh of relief and run to the guest, he opened the door for Mitchell and hug her tight.

He had really missed her and felt bad for hurting her even though it was not intentional.

She bear a sad look on her face, he knows whenever she’s sad, he became worried and demanded why she was sad. “you broke your promise” she said.

He was confused of what she said what promise? ” he asked listening with kin interest “You promised never to try anything funny with her but I overhead you demanding for sex this morning ” he smiled sheepishly and held her tiny waist. “Sweet, you know she’s attractive and irresistible to my testicles but believe me, you are always on my mind ”She closed her eyes “let me believe so, you gonna give me hard” she said causing laughter all round….

He kissed her and tickle her while she chuckles, he led her to the bed, she stopped him at once reminding him she hasn’t bathed but he ignored the excuse and continue undressing her. “I’ve missed your touch” she said as he suck her boobs, that’s exactly what he wants, he likes when she speaks nice of him and how she missed his touch.

***The two woke up in each others arm, they both laughed themselves. Mitchell prepared to go back home while Alvin made lunch for himself.

She got home soon, she sat down thinking about all what Alvin had assured her but she never felt convinced she had the strong feeling that he’s beginning to love Bella more than her.

She tried to wave off but the thought keep flowing in her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking “I’ll kill myself if Alvin turn from me cause I’ve given him my heart” she said to herself.

She finally decided to do something in order to kick off the thought …It was noon, she walk to the city park just six block away to swim in a large poop there. She had a nice time.

After swimming water from her wet hair was still dripping down her back and her thongs were making flip-flops noise with her towel slung over one shoulder.

She was just ready to start acrossed the street when she bumped into a weird guy who was totally drained by alcohol.

She recognized him as Brian who lost his girlfriend few months ago, she felt sorry for him and decided to help him home.

She left a message for him before leaving, the message was mixture of advice and compensation.

To be continued


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