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Sex And Love - S01 E02 (Story Episode)

Sex And Love - S01  E02 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2


✍️….Liza came in with her friends

Me- hey babe

Liza- how did it go last night sure he must have gone rounds on you They all bust into laughter

Me- for your information he did not touch me

Liza- look at that big lie

Me- who care about that

Liza- well the prove is here She brought out a camera

Liza- let see how it all goShe played the video and saw what actually happened

Liza- how dare you idiot how dare you

Me – what do you meanLiza- I love that guy how dare you

Me- you must be kidding me

Liza – you must be jokingMe- well

Liza- you must say no to him or else you lose it

Me- and if I don’t

Liza- you will die

Liza left my house alongside her gang.

I called Johnson

Me- hello

Johnson – hello love

Me- we need to talk

Johnson – where are you I can pick you up

Me- am home you can come over

Johnson – OK loveI was in my room thinking about the night I met JohnsonHe was so cool at first but when we got outside he was really rough. He romanced me, kissed me all over and before I know it my top is off he took my bra off and was sucking it like a baby.

I was really enjoying him but I don’t know what got into me Knock knock

Me- come in dear

Johnson – wow you got a pretty nice place a fan of pink I guess

Me- yes you can sit

Johnson – OK so why do you want to talk or have you decided

Me- I don’t think it possible

Johnson – why baby I love you I will take care of you and be the best man for you

Me- what of Liza she is in love with you and she is threatening me

Johnson – you mean she is threatening you look babe I will take care of her

Me- please don’t hurt her I love you but

Johnson – please will you be my girlfriend

Me- yes

Johnson – are you serious

Me – yes or should I change it He hugged me really tight I thought I was losing my breath before he released me

Johnson – I love you

He moved closer and placed a kiss on my lips

Johnson – I need to go now but expect my call so we can hook up tonight

Me- OKAfter he left, I got into the kitchen to prepare food for myself

After about 30 minutes Johnson left some else knockedI opened the door and next I could see is myself in a hospital received treatment

**guess what happened to Nicky and what Johnson actions will be .........

Johnson – hey babe thank goodness you are awake

Me- ugh what happened where am I

Johnson – don’t worry just take your rest we will sort who did this out I was lying there looking at the ceiling trying to recollect what really happened I opened the door and all I heard a punch right on my face followed by slaps before I pass out but what really surprised me was I could not recognize any of those who attacked me.

They where guys I know but I think the beating got me the better of me.

***Doctor – hello young lady how you feeling now

Me- am feeling better when will I be discharged

Doctor –by evening you should be able to go home

Johnson – how about the bill

Me- forget it I will take care of it

Johnson – no doctor and Nicky don’t disturb yourself please let me do this

Doctor – well the bill has been settled by your father Nicky

Me- ugh my dad is aware of what happened

Doctor- yes he is here in California for some business trip I guess so I informed him about what happened to you

Me – you how could you tell me sure dad will be angry with me right now

Johnson – babe don’t worry we will get through this

Later that evening I got out of the hospital.

Johnson tookme home.

The next day my dad visited me

Dad- my baby how you feeling now

Me- better sir

Dad- so tell me what really happened

Me- I don’t know all I could remember is someone knocked on the door I got there and I got beaten up by some guys after which I passed out

Dad- well the police are doing their job and soon we shall know who did this Dad stayed for about two days before leaving for Nigeria I got okay and able to attend lectures Johnson will pick me up in the morning and drop me whenever I am done for the day Days after days I did not here news about Liza but something happened between me and Johnson

That particular night i was in my room when Johnson called and ask if he can come over and I told him yes Like a flash of light Johnson got to my house

Me – so why do you want to see me

Johnson – nothing just missed you

He moved closer to me

Me- Johnson are you sure you are good

Johnson- babe do you love me

Me- yeah I love you more than my life

Johnson kissed me, first I tried to stop it a part of me wanted it so I respond the kiss I never knew he was really good at kissing. He took me to the room, I got on the bed and lay right on me

We keep kissing and before I know it he started pressing my boobs with my clothes still on. He took off my clothes and bra and he started sucking my bbs I was moaning really loud saying all sort of nasty things, the feeling am getting from this is just to sweet, I thought I am on another planet Earth He tried to take off my trousers and that is where I stopped him

Me- stop it

Johnson – whyI pushed him off me and I left the room

Johnson – Nicky why did you do that

Me- look fine I love you but am not ready for this please understand me

Johnson – fine but I need to tell you something

Me – what is it

Johnson – I already know who did this to you and believe me you will be surprised,

Johnson- who?

***guess who ?••


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