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Sex and Love - S01 E04 (Story Episode)

Sex and Love - S01  E04 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4



I was in my room checking my shoes when a call came in that someone is at the the gate saying that he wants to see me I checked out who he is through the camera at the gate I asked them to allow him in not because I know him but I like him.

He is handsome, tall and he is a black guy sure he will get a big dikI questioned him and he told me is name is Fred a Ghanaian and he will like to walk in my houseI employed him and he resumed the next day The first few weeks Fred came into my house I was really harsh at him making him feel really bad about himself One particular day I called for him to see me in my room Knock knock

Me- come in

Fred- you called for me MA

Me- I heard you are a computer genius

Fred- not really but i do try my best

Me- well that your problem you will be assigned to the security department and you are to handle the whole computers in this house so make sure you do your job properly and your salary will be increased

Fred – OK maHe tried to open the door

Me- hey did I give you the permission to go

Fred – am sorry MA

Me- well I need a massage right now and I want you to do it for me

Fred- OK ma but did you have any ointment here

Me- yeah take thisI lied down on my massage bed and he bend over, he poured the ointment on my naked back and he was rubbing it really gently that I got lost in the heavensI was moaning silently while he keep doing his job. He moved his hands lower that it almost touched my ass I knew he would be really in the mood right now but I need to make him take the first move He keeps rubbing my back gently all of a sudden he stopped

Me- hey idiot who did you stop

Fred – MA am done with the back

Me- OK go over to my laps I want a very good massage He resumed his job and he was doing is it perfectly the way I love itI was moaning silently when a sudden noise was heard downstairs

Me- what just happened

Fred – I don’t know MA but let me go check He went and minutes later he returned to tell me that it just a prank played on someoneI was too h---y to go back to the massage so I decided to give him myself cheaply

The next day Fred was transferred to the post so my personal security so he can guide me all the time and I can also feel his golden staff in my precious hole

Days gone I finished my studies at the University and I decided to stay at California to develop my businessO

ne night I was in my car on my way to a business meeting when a car suddenly overtake us The doors of the car got open and four guys came out of the car all carrying a gun.

That was all knew before a bullet hit me and I woke up in a room tied to a chair Bet you will be surprised when I tell what happened to me there.

°°°°°I woke up to see my self tied down on a chair, what should I do just then the door bust open

Three guys came in with a video camera

Me- hey you idiots what do you want from me

Guy1- you fuking s--t you better shut or you go dead

Just then the door got open again and guess who came in

Derek. I knew he would be the mastermind but I could not see his dirty evil partner sure you all her

Derek – hey Nicky sure you will be virtually surprised with what will happen to you.

All you work for with that bastard money you took at Johnson house will get ruined right before I slice your throat and see life flee from you

Me- Derek what has gotten into you and where is that girl you call your partner

Derek – well well Liza is dead I killed her with my own hands just as I will do to you. Guys start your job

The guys moved closer and lose me free. First I thought am save but little did I know that am just beginning my adventure

They took me to the bed in the room and one of them tried to take off my cloth

Me- hey stop are you crazy stop it pleaseI was slapped beaten and my clothes was torn off.

Before I know it I am naked right in front of the four guys

They all raped me.

Did I just say rape no I enjoyed the whole sex stuff

After the whole sex stiff I fell asleep and woke up to meet myself on the roadside I quickly got up it still late and I was lost so I tried to get home I was totally naked when I woke up but I was able to locate my mansion.

The following morning I was still sleeping when my business partner called me to inform me of my naked pictures and videos online Immediately I heard the news I passed out

About five hours later I woke up right in my room with Fred right there with me

Me- have you seen it

Fred- yeah that the trending video but don’t worry am in control of it all and also I got news for you

Me- yes

Fred- I have been able to get the hideout of Fred and his gang.

I only need your permission for the guys to launch an attack on them

Me- fine do whatever you can but make sure Derek still has life in him when you drop him here

Fred- OK ma

He moved closer to me and put his lips right on my lips and before I know it we are already banging the daylight out of ourself

After the sex

Me- Fred can you promise me you will not leave me

Fred- I am always at your service, I think I should go now the guys must be waiting for me I could not attend any off my business meetings that day and I kept receiving calls about how the stuffs got leaked out

The next day Fred called to tell me he is at the old warehouse my father built I quickly drive there and I met him alongside other armed guys with two guys kneeling down and their face covered

Me- is he still alive

Fred- he left the country before we could even get there don’t know he got a helicopter

Me- so who are these

Fred- the two guys who had sex with you

Me- OK I want you to shoot their di*cks and let them die slowly with the pain

Fred- yes and your wish is done,


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