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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E14 (Story Episode)

Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01  E14 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14


Gallant; Babe, me no like how parole the go again for this school

Sparkling; Me too, can you imagine those Useless girls called Angels.

Gallant; I don’t even understand wetin Queen the do wey she no wan give order make we run those girls

Sparkling; The thing just the weak my bone, i just feel like make I just enter them self.

Gallant; Make we just the wait make QUEEN come first

The QUEEN walked down to the sitting room, Gallant and Sparkling stood up and bowed to her as a sign of respect before they sat down again.

QUEEN; So what Am I hearing?

Gallant; Boss, me no get joy as you see me so, the Angels just the vex me any how

Sparkling; Can you imagine them attack us this evening and killed 2 of our girls

QUEEN; Where are the girls now?

Gallant; For our secret ground

QUEEN; This is bad, so after we killed their 2 Girls them came back for revenge baa? No worry, lets bury the girls tonight and solve this matter once and for all.

Sparkling; Ok Boss LadyThey stood up and left the House.

***ANGELS MANSIONQUEEN LADY; Am so proud of all of you girls, for making me proud, you girls did great for avenging the dead of our falling Angels, Lets not rejoice much yet cause I know the Viqueens will try to strike back but this time, we are ready for them. If they like, let them report it to the Vikings, will we still strike back together with the Black Angels.

All; Yes Our Queen Lady

Queen Lady; For now, lets celebrate it

The party started while they started dancing and rejoicing.

Some of them came with their Black Angels Boyfriends to enjoy the night with them.

*During the Following Day Cynthia went to school and was waiting for their Lecturer when 2 girls came and dragged one of her department girls out from the Hall before the Lecturer came in and started his lectures.

Cynthia; Was wondering who those girls where and why no one tried to help out, but since she doesn’t have any friend, she kept it all to herself.

She was still lost in thought when the Lecturer pointed to her and asked her a question, she answered the question and was about to sit down when the Lecturer spoke up.

Lecturer; I have been watching you closely, what’s your name?

Cynthia; Cynthia

Lecturer; Ok, try and negotiate with other students cause it will help you alot

Cynthia; Ok, thank you sir

Lecturer; Your welcome, you can sit down,she sat down and looked around and found out that all eyes are on her, she became uncomfortable.

*After the Lecture she stayed back in the class while everyone left the Hall to find something to eat before the second lecture will begin.

Hello, hope you don’t mind if I sit beside you ‘a female voice said to Cynthia’ Cynthia looked up and saw is a girl that is in the same department with her.

Cynthia; Sure, you can

The girl sat down beside Cynthia

Girl; Am Tracy by name, you are Cynthia right?

Cynthia; Yes I am

Tracy; I have noticed that you are always lonely

Cynthia; Yes, I don’t have friends

Tracy; Cause you don’t want to make right?

Cynthia just nodded

Tracy; Well I believe there is a strong reason behind it but you will tell me someday shaa, so can I be your enemy?

Cynthia; Enemy?

Tracy; Yes nah, since you don’t want to make friends, atleast make enemies

Cynthia; Hmm, you are funny, i don’t want to make Enemies either

Tracy; Which one do you prefer me to be cause I want to be close to you

Cynthia; Hmm, Am just speechless

Tracy; Don’t worry, I will be your temporal friend

Cynthia; lolz, ok

Tracy; Which hostel do you stay?

Cynthia; Nope, I stay in Lodge not hostel

Tracy; I also stay in Lodge

They continued their discussion.

***The 2 girls dragged the girl to the Viqueens meeting ground and dropped her there.

Gallant; So na you wey the pass information to the Angels abi?

Girl; No, am not please spare me

Gallant; Then who the pass the information?

Girl; I don’t really know please

Sparkling; You think say, we the play? We go just kill you here if you no start the talk

Girl; Am saying the truth

Gallant gave the 2 girls sign and they bounced on the girl and started beating her mercilessly.

After sometime Gallant asked them to stop and they did.

Gallant; Are you now ready to talk?

The girl start coughing out blood

Girl; I don’t know oo, please am not the one

Gallant asked the girls to take her back, they took the girl and dropped her somewhere around the school premises and left her like that before the School Securities saw her and took her to the school Clinic while they commenced treatment on her.

The Security men reported all the incident to the school

Authorities and this got them worried cause of the numerous Activities of the Cults in the school..


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