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Oath At The Alter - S01 E08 (Story Episode)

Oath At The Alter - S01  E08 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8

James, had his way to the fullest ” if that’s was the only way. Juliana could hold him from yelling “she is ready to do more.

Smile, on his face ” I love you ” he was jerking her moaning ,and smiling .Love on bed only ” she look away, holding his back ”whatever! He gave her hot kiss at her neck and watch her moan closing her eyes ” sweetheart, am so happy you not tired.

he spoke cleaning the stain on her lip I don’t have any other, option ” I want to have a good sleep without yell. So, you turned me to trouble maker ” he kept jerking her”you not mad to come down from me ” I really expect that.

Call me stupid, if you like ” once, you won’t stop me from this no problem.

Like seriously, I don’t know what please you in this. Juliana held her forehead ”You won’t understand ” why are you moaning, if you don’t like it.

I have no choice.

Choice indeed ” James. She called ,holding his head from kissing her tummy ” mum was at the dedication,with Mathew.

She was so mad, at you ” I just can’t stop giving excuses till the whole party was over ”I warn you not to go, you won’t listen ” I should beat you up for that ” he hit her ass gently ”this more painful “she moaned out holding her thign” I want to pee. She sit up trying to come down “pee on the bed.

No, it disgusting. I promise I would be back ” she rush to the bathroom and took her time holding her belly ” gosh! What kind of man is this .He never said,for once am tired.

No. I can’t continue, am weak am dizzy ” she placed her hand on her cheek and refuse to come out ”she return to the room and noticed his was asleep, she felt excited and lay down to sleep ” are you ready. He spoke placing his hands on her chest ”What! She opened her eyes widely ” he positioned himself on her and continue from when he stop ”Baby , aren’t you tired at all. She ask frowning her face

No. Why did you ask ”because, you end up killing me. I meant am not strong, and you knew that. Infact, am hungry right now. You have empty my stomach ”look at the time “you started from 10. It almost to 2. Let just have it other time “I promise I won’t declined you ever again ”he dldn’t listen to her and held her leg up ” James, won’t you listen to me. Am begging you now”she shouted in tearswho knows, when you let’s me have my way.

Anytime. just please let’s me go. Am so tired. Please now “she screamed crying.

Are you for real. He bursted to laughter “I love what am doing, I swear down.

You heartless. It hurting me .I don’t think I can pee. Juliana baby ” he located her lip and kept kissing her ”he stop what he was doing and grabbed her down from running to the bathroom. She close her eyes and manage to sleep……….

(beautiful morning)

James opened his eyes, and noticed his wife facing thewall asleep. He sit up staring at her and kept smiling seeing her sleeping posture.Her hair messed up. blankets, on half of her body ” her leg chain.shining , and attractive . He noticed the ring on his phone and pick “mum ”

James :good morning mom “he covered his mouth yawning

”mum :why didn’t you came for your sister child dedication

”James :it a long story mum. I promise, to make it up to her

”mum : I want to see you home. come after church I would expecting you ,and your wife ” is she there with you? I want to talk to her

”James :yes. No. Well, she is sleeping

mum : sleeping , or preparing for church. I trust her, sheis not the lazy type ” I hung up now.

My regards to her ”I just can’t, imagine what mum wants to say “James kept talking to himself pressing phone. Juliana turn to face him sleeping back ” Juliana, Juliana “aren’t you going to church. It Sunday ” he woke her up gently she kept nodding her head and yawning ” jullina. yes. she sit up yawning ”it morning. Thanks for last night ” I really enjoyed the love making .oh! you welcome. She picked her phone checking the time and yawning. what! 10. It all your fault ” she grabbed the blanket on herself leaving him nude ” he covered his little man.

let’s have a bath together. he kept knocking ” I don’t want to be late. OK. she spoke from the bathroom he changed his look and waited till she is out of the bathroom ” he rush in and kept smiling stretching his hand “I feel good. so much alife ” I wish it continues this way he put on the shower smiling………

(later in the afternoon)

Daddy. Mathew rush to embrace him “goodness! you have grown big . Tell me what have you been eaten ”come here Mathew “don’t let’s him give you his worst character. Mrs Christopher carried Mathew from him ”Mum. Here I am. You still complaining ” honey, James is back. Mr Christopher came down receiving call”Juliana greeted smiling.

God bless you my dear “I just finish speaking to your father. He said, he saw James at the church ”yes daddy. We had lots discussion. James replied smiling No wonder, Juliana face look more pretty than that of yesterday ” daddy’s girl. “Mrs Christopher tease her smiling “I could remember, how she was crying doing the time she was ask to dance with her father ”it was so emotional. they are both crying ” mummy. Juliana spoke covering her face ”my friend eyes, was just dry.

She was looking good ”oh! mummy. she later called when we arrived at Dubai for honey moon ” praying and crying like ever before ”that’s the joy of a mother,my dear. Seeing your kids got married and do lots of lovely things in our present.

Yes mum. So, what do you want to prepare for you “I guess you just got back from church ” she stood up dropping her bag for her husband.

don’t worry, Lola already prepared lunch. Lola came to tell them she already set the table just in time” let’s go and eat ” Mrs Christopher leads the way to the dinning table. they ate silently after little prayer………James, let’s me see you before leaving ” Mrs Christopher stop him from entering the car” why are you treating your wife like a slave ” mum, I don’t understand. What do you mean “he look serious.

she complains about you, not letting her go out. You don’t even take her out, what wrong with you. You only wants her indoor, or time “look here, stop hurting that’s woman OK.

Mum, she told you all that’s. James look upset Look here.

All I wants is a change ”OK mummy. he excuse to the car looking upset and noticed Mathew waving his mum bye “he didn’t said a word till they arrived home……..

juliiana kept staring at her husband reaction ” he excuse to bath without a word and lay down to sleep ”James, you not the silent type. What wrong, talk to me. Juliana let’s me ask you one thing “he sit up looking serious “am I suffering you in anyway.No.then why did you make me look like a bad husband in front of mum ” he fired in anger ”I said nothing like that. I only mentioned closet.

Fine, you want to go out. You free from now henceforth” I won’t disturb,or got mad ” he lay down and turned to the other side” juliiana kept staring looking sobber “she tired to touch him and control her hand “she came down from the bed and excuse to the sitting room crying



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