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Oath At The Alter - S01 E09 (Story Episode)

Oath At The Alter - S01  E09 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

Juliana ,I don’t understand you again ”sola serve her drink. She dropped it on the table looking away ”aren’t, you the one searching for liberty. You heard it.

now you complaining ”Juliana hiss sipping her drink.

Liberty indeed. Liberty, that’s doesn’t come from the heart “you see, sola. James, is just meant to torment me.

Hey stop. Don’t say that “to me, his a gentle guy “sola spoke smiling.

In what way ” Juliana look serious

.You know. I watch him, and my husband play basketball ball on Friday “his a good player and nice person to be with.

His gentle and jovial. Juliana bursted to laughter ” I canaccept the rest. As for gentle” remove it.

James. My own James, gentle. No. He can talk and complain for African.

That’s because. you ,yourself won’t keep shut ”hey.i Understand, Guys frustrate one’s patient. Still. we need to be calm with them “not because, of anyone.

But our kids “look here.Take for example. you, and James engaged in a fight ” you mistakly, hit him and he fell unconscious.

What would you tell Mathew. Juliana look away.

No wonder, he doesn’t wants to come with me. I guess, his tired of seeing us fight.Of course. If I was in the little boy, shoe” I would done the same.

But, it not my fault now “James, started it all. Why would he not he eat my food and wants sex instead “she spoke in stammering voice.

That’s.what the gentle guy wanted. Give it to him. is notfor someone else ”Juliana. kept hissing, frowning her face ” I can’t keep doing it everyday. I don’t want to get old now ” she spoke in stammering voicelook at you, after two kids ” you still look like you haven’t had anyone at all ”Mrs. That’s doesn’t mean . when my husband needs me .

I should give no, for an answer “sola spoke holdingher hand ”babe, open your eyes ” husband snatcher are out, with there pointed breast, and ass”hey . go, and see what trending on instagram. Nude pictures of sexy lady, waiting to steal married men from their wives and children ”What! Juliana look surprise . James won’t dare sleep out, I trust him Sola bursted to laughter ” o. What would you do “sola look serious ”even,if he doesn’t sleep out “they would satisfy him that . you won’t even look attractive to him again ” you would be the one begging for his touch“no. I trust James ” he loves sex with me ” he won’t sayno.

Sola bursted to laughter ” you that’s see doggy, as punishment. And called blow job disgusting ” oh! My God. You need to start watching p--n” I just ,can’t imagine how they would lay James like baby ” giving him front /back “why you ,at the kitchen preparing food he would eat after a long day job ”sola stop ” Juliana look upset and empty her cup ” I trust my husband.

Even, if we had lots of misunderstanding ” i trust him. He would only threaten to cheat . He won’t try it.

OK madam” sola smileJuliana look away ,and stood up picking her bag “are you leaving. Sola look surprise ”yes. I want to go and do some laundry ” She walk out without another word ……..

(Julian's Pov)no. I trust my husband ” we married legally. He knew the criteria ” he won’t dare, try it and end up in jail ”have over lookand stay patient enough. Yh! I haven’t caught him red handed” well, I don’t need it. I know his weak point. He won’t sayno ” first, I give him everything he wants tonight” let’s him make love till his satisfy.

Then ,I can start my research “she laughed loudly and excuse upstairs to change her cloth to something attractive ” If not for her husband. it so worst to be see on, responsible person.It a very short gown that’s has a crazy design at the front “she got it from her best friend “Alicia.on her bridal shower.she is a cloth designer at Louis Angelo’s and had lots of model ” they barely, talk like that’s of before ” she remembered her last ward and smile to herself checking her look at the mirror ” sweetheart, you going to get James with this. Cat walk and tease him with a sexy glanced“she refused it. giving lots of complain” what if James doesn’t like it. what if he thinks the worst of me “mind you, is too short.

Alicia force it inside her bag smiling “try it on your honeymoon. No. you forgot, dad &mum post at the church. No. I can’t “she remembered Alicia. And, kept massaging her hair smiling . She used spray and took her time to do makeup ”am, Not even sure if he would be tired. he said his Carmel. Juliana placed her hand on cheek lost in thought

”(James Pov)James entered the house and hiss loudly “he hold himself not to fall and cut a glance at the food on the table “juliiana, Juliana ” he hiss sitting, and loosing his tie ” she is gone. I forgot, I gave her Liberty.He opened the food ,and ate a little ” gosh! Am OK. Sheshould dispose the rest ” he climbed the stairs, and fell up to two times before reaching the door “he opened and fell on the bed “he raised his head up and was surprised seeing her “juliiana.

He closed his eyes and open again to confirm “she came closer smiling “baby. She climbed the bed in a romantic way ”he shifted and lay down to sleep “James sweety. She grabbed him close . Common, ugh! am fully prepared for you ”am not in the mood “he slept back. What! no. she wokehim up looking upset ” jullina am weak . let’s me sleep in peace. please “no. Open your eyes” she kept waking himhe didn’t reply .Drunken master “she push him away and search everywhere for his phone “it was no where to be found and kept boiling in anger ” sola. is like what you said is true ” my husband is home weak ,and drunk”she kept staring at him looking sobber……

(beautiful morning)

James woke up and cut a glance at jullina staring at him and cobing her hair ” she look gorgeous ,and sexy in her gown ”he bursted to laughter. liberty. you wearing that’s out “he couldn’t completed his statement when she kissed him to bed “make love to me, common. he smile pulling her cloth“hmmm. what do you want in exchage ” you look suscpious.

nothing. I miss you James. Last night, I couldn’t have you ” she kiss him down and cut a glance at his cellphone “she smile to herself and watch him position himself on her ” like seriously, am so excited. part your leg, part your leg please.

She does as he said and kept smiling ” he had his way and noticed she never complain instead, she was moaning screaming his name. he felt more excited, and add more to his speed.

Sweetheart, for the first time you please me to the fullest ” he was breathing heavily. I have a request.

you tired right. I would understand “juliiana bump in forcing a smile ”no. Carmel, never got tired.

Juliana raised her eyes ball widely ”Sweetheart, let’s me have you from the back ” I meant doggy.what!common, it my favorite please.

OK. how. he directed her and held her at the waist “she shouted, holding him. scream my name, it more romantic ”OK. she changed her look looking sobber ” it hurt. she bursted to tears ” sweethearth thanks.

He had his way,massaging her ass ” she hit his hand and sit up ”Yh! I love it this way ” he spoke smiling ” what. yes. sweetheart, go down. he had his way and fell on her breathing fastly ”I love ,what I have with you ” you really makes my day .am happy, it from you ” he kiss her briefly and slept off.

she smiled and stretch her hand to get his phone ” she pick it up and noticed James turned to the other side “his head on her lap “she kept massaging his head peeping at his phone ”she went through his contact and text lots of female numbers on her phone ” she went through the gallery. yawning, and noticed a lady pictures almost five on his phone ”she on her xender and collected it. Very good ” she dropped the phone and slept dragging the blanket on herself ********************


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