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Oath At The Alter - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

Oath At The Alter - S01  E10 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

The ring on James phone got Juliana up from bed “she stood up from him, without making a sound and gently pick up her gown from the floor.

She put it on and rush to the bathroom to answer it ” Bryan ”She cleared her voice picking it“

Bryan :guy, what going on. You left me with the whole of work abi ,don’t worry tomorrow is my day ” jullina held her laughter ”Uncle Bryan “she spoke in a gentle voice.Juliana. Is that you?

Juliana : yeah! His sleeping right now, I would make sure he call when he wake

”Bryan :alright. He hung the call “jullina bursted to laughter ”oh! My God. I totally forgot today is Wednesday.

Forgive me baby ” she kissed him from the phone and took her time to shower ”she returned to the room and kept glancing at him.

Am a Carmel. I don’t get tired. Stand up now. Oh my goodness! Even Me 2minutes lady is now on my feet. Mr Carmel ,his here sleeping like broke guy.

She hiss and excuse to change ” hmmm. I would take my time to search more, from his phone ” she comb her hair and opened the door leaving to the sitting room gently ”she sat down going through, the gallery once again ” this witch. You think, you can steal my man.

noo. ugly thing “she hiss loudly because of this, feather you call lashes. that’s why James is after you abi.

don’t worry, you would give up,when am done with you ” I would continue to weak him.

Once he doesn’t even have strength to go to work ” how would he pay you visit. She noticed the murmuring on her stomach and stood up holding James phone ” she put on the cooker and makes arrangements on jollof rice covering it.

She settled down and focus on James phone ”so, he has this movie. Goodness! Sola have been telling me lots about it. Let’s me watch. She kept laughing and change it to another movie ”James, even loves Indian movie. Infact,God bless me for thinking of such idea.

She hiss when she cut a glance at p--n ” let’s me see what sola has been asking me to watch ” gosh! No wonder, he kept disturbing me for sex. No, one would watch this, and not feel h---y.

Disgusting. She is doing blow job “she took it away and look serious ”may be, that’s witch is given him who knows. Goodness! James why. No problem. She on his data and noticed several messages ” hy sweetie.

Gosh! Am finish. She sat on the floor opening her eyes widely “married man sweety.

About six girls texted him in a romantic way ”juliiana. Juliana “baby. She got up from the floor hitching her neck “when she heard her nameyou up. Food, is ready ”my phone.

He stretched his hand looking upset “here you go. Bryan call ” he didn’t wait for anymore talk, and excuse to the stairs ”one, would know his cheating on me. look at how he rushed down with short, because of his cell phone.

Am done. She sat down and noticed what she was preparing is burning. She rush picking hand towel…………

.(hours Later)James came down looking dressed up ” baby. Where are you going “jullina rush out of the kitchen ”off to see Bryan home. He kept checking the time ” baby, eat before going. I know you must very hungry “she sit him down, looking worried” he kept staring at her and watch her serve him food smiling.

Baby, don’t you think we should spend more time together, instead of going out. In what way ” James pick up cutleries .i mean ” she sat on his lap kissing his forehead.

Making lot of sweet love, like earlier” thanks. but my answer is no “why. Juliana look upset “first, I don’t what you done to me earlier “am a Carmel. but right now, I look weak.

common,sweetheart. We had 2round.Yh! I know. Look, I know myself. Am not like this. Right now, to be sincere “am tired and dizzy ” I need to leave. we talk later OK “he stood up opening the door ”bravo! you think you smart. No. Am smarter than you ” she watch him drove out and pick up her car key following him “you tired, but you can drive. We shall, both see the destination.

I would kill that’s woman “and step on her corpse ” she kept talking to herself looking around “James park and entered a big restaurant ” jullina kept peeping , stretching her neck “she couldn’t enter the restaurant and drove away looking upset……

(Sola pov)you better calm down and don’t give yourself hypertension “sola serve her drink.

Sola, just leave me with my cross ” he was the one complaining I only last for 2minutes.We had two round this morning, Is it not enough. “now, his out with this witch ” she showed sola looking upset. hey. what evidence do you have ”evidence. is that’s pictures not enough I saw five different pictures ,of her on his phone . What else. Juliana notice the ring on her phone and pick “Alicia

”alicia: sweetheart “guess what!

julliana: you know am not good at guessing “common talk. Juliana look excited

Alicia : am at Nigerian right now “lodging at Eko hotel.

jullina :oh! my God. do you want me to come over “am so excited ” juliiana sit up smiling ”

Alicia :of course sweetie. my fashion show would last for two weeks “so, here I am in your country. ”

jullina :am so happy. I can’t wait, to see you ” she hung up the call and turned to face Sola “Alicia. the lady I told you about, my best friend. She spoke in excitementoh! Alicia.

Sola dropp her cup looking serious yeah !am going to see her ” she rush out picking her bag……….

(James pov)juliiana, Juliana ” he came inside holding two nylon ” jullina. sweetheart indeed ”jullina. he noticed the door open and watch her rush In”baby.

Where are you coming from “he look upset dropping the nylon “baby ” she kiss him to the sofa, and kept kissing him “don’t bribe me, with your kisses. Where are you coming from”he look upset ”Alicia is back baby. James open his eyes widely “that’s white gorgeous lady ” jullina gave him a bad glanc hissing. sorry darmsel .

julliana managed to smile ”baby, guess what. She would be staying with us for twoweeks ”I brought the proposal. it going to reduce the hotel charges ”sweetheart, do you think it a wise decision “I meant, she is white and we black “how would she cope with our food and weather ”common baby. Alicia has been to Nigeria doing our wedding “she spent two weeks. she would get along.

Juliana. remember we promise no friend or relative lives with us ”yeah I know. That’s doesn’t mean it would affect our privacy ” it just for two weeks.Juliana. you sure about this “100% sure. D--n! I won’t feel free to come down with my short “is that’s a yes from you ” she look excited may be. he placed the nylon on the table and hand her chilled ice cream and pizza ” thanks for earlier.

You welcome “she embrace him smiling. she wanted tobring her suscpious up but, she changed her mind smiling ” …….

(beautiful morning)

jullina rush to get the door smiling “Alicia. she embrace her dragging her bag in.oh! Alicia you here. ” James came down adjusting his tie ” nice meeting you again “she embrace James warmly. It been four years “come here jullina “she embrace jullina smiling” I just show you around. Juliana grabbed her hand in excitement ” she rush down calling her husband ” baby thank you. She embrace her husband in excitement ”hmmmm.

Don’t leave the house without giving me a call OK ” OK baby. bye ” she waved smiling ,and watch him entered the car ”she returned inside feeling more excited ” I won’t be bored again. thank God Alicia is here ***********


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