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Forbidden Passion - S01 E26 (Story Episode)

Forbidden Passion - S01  E26 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

Elio said drinking as he stares at Martha rigores picture..

just then Candella barged in side their room dressed in her sexy night wears …smiling that things went well with Alvin and veronica …she only wants veronica to be her daughter in law because of veronica riches…and she knows she ll benefit from it as well…“My love…!”Candella walked straight to elio as he stoodup …tried hiding the bottle of drinks as Martha picture fell down from his hands …immediately Candella picked it up..”don’t tell me you are missing this pauper now…after neglecting her…!”Candella said…“She’s not a pauper…mind your language!”elio replied…”why should I? why don’t you get …she’s in the pasts..why are you staring at her pictures again ..what has this lady done for you that you still love her up till now…”“She gave me two daughters ..those two are my precious jewels ..so please…and please leave me alone,..”elio said as Candella frowned even more …”youand your son are just thesame…but let me tell you this elio..I don’t wanna ever see this picture…ever again…!”Candella said as she made her way to the door…

Elio never loved Candella…he was just too desperate of having a male child ..Days later ..The day of the engagement finally came…the hall was well arranged fancy seat and expensive drinks…with elegant men and women walking in n out of the hall…

Typical Mexican music playing..

Candella was inside her room all dressed in a yellow …short gown ..with her expensive wedge shoes...she was just staring at Martha “s picture and won’t rest till she finds out where Martha stays ..just then veronica walked in dressed in a silver long gown as she walked straight to Candella. ..”miss Candella. ..the important guests have just arrived …”veronica said…as Candella looks back at her in a sad mode…”am not in the mood to see anyone. ..”


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