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Forbidden Passion - S01 E27 (Story Episode)

Forbidden Passion - S01  E27 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 27

“What’s wrong mother in law “veronica moved closer…”nothing!”Candella lied trying not to tell Vero anything..about elio ‘s pasts“Tell me…

I might be off help to you ..please tell me what’s wrong ?”veronica insisted as she sighted the picture..”that face…!”Vero said as she started remembering her visit to Amelia ‘s house …“What ?…do you know her ?”Candella stood up askin ..”Ithink I do…she looks like that tramp ‘s mother but am not so sure …”veronica said …“Hmm…well there’s only one way to find out…we must find out…

I want to meet with this woman ..!”“But why tho…?is she one of your enemies ?”veronica asked ..”she’s more than an enemy …she’s a marriage destroyer …but lets not talk about her for now…we havean engagement party to attend ..”“Oh yeah ..!”Veronica and Candella smiled at each other as they left for the hall room..“I can’t do this …!”I stared at myself through d long mirror ..dressed in a red short sexy gown as Sofia and amira encouraged. ..“You can …besides …mom isn’t home yet neither is alma…

just go for d party”Amira said out loud ..”I don’t think it’s a good idea …ion wanna get grounded by mom ..”“Seriously girlfriend …if u don’t go..Vero will win the challenge. ..she ll think you can’t be happy with out Alvin so you need to prove her wrong”Sofia added…”what of my feelings …?I just can’t bear seeing them holding each other…!”Amelia said”you need to be stronggirl…you can do this…

Finally I was convinced to go to d numerous engagement party tho I was a bit nervous ..going to theparty of rich pple. ..oh my God…what if I get thrown out..hmm I just need to calm down…

I can do this..I got d address of the house by Christian ..

Alvin ‘s close friends…tho Alvin wasn’t expecting me to come after our last meeting ..

I walked into the hall room…waiters passing here and there with drinks… I raised up my head as I sighted .


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