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Gardener's daughter - S01 E12 (Story Episode)

Gardener's daughter - S01  E12 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

“Hey what’s up ..”Fernando said still playing the game..”am good..mom said you should get ready because the guests are already arriving…!”Miguel told his brother..”wait what guests..for what ..?”Fernando said still playing ..”some important business guests…just get ready ..!”Miguel said..
“Ok..I will..!”Fernando said still playing the games..”like..that..cmon get up and go shower ..here stink of alcohol..!”Miguel said now standing in front of the tv just to confuse his brother from playing ..”oh d--n..bro..excuse me..just one more play and I ll go..bathe..!”

“Hey..here’s your phone..u left it on the dining table..someone has been calling you ..!”Miguel said giving Fernando his phone..”oh my gosh…ten missed calls from my cutie pie..!”Fernando said to his bro..”oh you got back together with azu..!”Miguel asked ..”no..no..this one is another one and she’s coming today..!”
“Oh really..king of girls..so tell me which one is this..the one who you wanna date so mad that you wanted to impress or another one..!”

“The one I wanted to impress..I didn’t know you were this nosy..big bro..!”Fernando teased his brother..”nothing bro..I just wanted to know how my little brother is doing …!”

“I need to call my cutie..”as Fernando was dialing Rosie’s number his phone immediately went off ..”oh shit …battery low..!”
“Today is not your day..bro..just get ready ..and if you wanna go pick up your chick…be careful because the house is gonna be full…tonight..enjoy bro..!”Miguel said as he exited … Fernando angrily went to charge his phone as he went to take his bathe immediately…

“Damnit..am done now..I can’t take this any longer..I have to go now..!”Rosie said talking to herself..as she walked straight to the street 309

The guests were already starting to arrive as Mr Orlando and his wife Mrs Roxana welcomed the guest ..

Miguel was standing right behind his both parents ..just when Mr Orlando was busy talking to one of his bossom friend..Roxy whispered into miguel’s ears ..”where’s your little brother ..he needs to be here..!”

“Don’t worry mom..he ll be here soon..!”

“Well I hope so ..!”Roxana said as she faced her guests forcing a wide fake smile on her face..her smiling wasn’t long enough when Mr Teca Verdugo and his daughter by his side walked in ..with their body guards ..mr Orlando immediately went to welcome them..”good evening Mr verdugo..!”…”evening my dear Mr Beltran..!”Teca said as his eyes went straight to Roxana..both eyes met ..”hmm where’s your wife..?”Teca asked pretending as if he hasn’t sighted her…from afar..”she’s right here …”Mr Orlando said as he gave his wife a sign ..she walked up to him ..”good evening ..mr verdugo..hello Mrs Isadora..!”Roxana said exchanging handshakes..”oh so you even know my name ..!”Isadora asked Roxana..”why not..who wouldn’t know the famous daughter of Mr verdugo ..!”…”how flattering..I must say we will be close friends someday ..!”Isadora said ..”you are looking so beautiful as always ..!”Teca said referring to Roxana ..”thanks ..if you ll excuse me..I would like to go put some powder on my nose..like they say in the movies..!”Roxana said already feeling uncomfortable with Teca her former boyfriend presence..”I ll go grab some wine dad..!if you ll excuse me..!”isadora exited ..

“So it’s just the two of us..man to man..so where are your son’s .?”Teca asked..as Miguel interrupted..”good evening Mr verdugo ..!”Miguel said..”good evening dearest..am certain with someone like this ..our business is going to move forward..!”Mr verdugo said hailing Miguel as Orlando smiled..

Fernando sneaked outta his house just to go talk to Rosie outside..Rosie was at the front gate of her father’s working place …she didn’t know the way to get in because there was too much security in there so she had to call her father..as she was about to call her father .. Fernando called immediately..”oh now you calling..let me tell you this mr Fernando..I don’t think I can come meet you again because am already at my option b..!”I yelled out at Fernando”am so sorry my princess ..I misplaced my phone..I just saw it and the battery was d--n low then..where are you ..?”
“At Costa 309″Rosie said
“Costa..what..that’s my house..!”Fernando said shockingly..

“Huh.. are you serious…?am outside the house ..seems it’s the same place the party is happening ..!”I said to myself…
Fernando immediately opened the gate as he saw Rosie standing right in front of him looking very pretty ..he was so excited to see her..and she was confused..does this means that this is the same place my father work..now I really need to be very careful..I said to my self as I sighted my father from afar ..

“Fa..t..h..er..!”I rushed up to him as I gave him a very tight hug..”my sweetheart..you look so beautiful..”

“Thanks ..dad..you too..!”

“I ll show her round now..!”Fernando said grabbing my hands tight


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