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Gardener's daughter - S01 E13 (Story Episode)

Gardener's daughter - S01  E13 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

Fernando held my hands very tight as we passed the back door where the kitchen is ..”you look so beautiful my darling cupcake..!”Fernando said when we got to the kitchen..”oh please just stop ..it ..I think..you should go join the party ..!your parents might be looking for you …!”Rosie said..”I know but you are more important..!

”Fernando said..”oh really..am important ..you not gonna fool me ..you bastard ..because you are back together with azucena..so stick to her and leave me alone..am only here to talk to a gentleman that helped me few days ago..that’s the only reason I came here..and if I had known this was your house ..I would have not come here because you disgust me..!”Rosie said angrily to Fernando..”I see someone is getting jealous..!”Fernando whined..”just shut the crap off ok..!”

“Hey hey relax..I didn’t even know that old man was your father ..!”

“You really don’t need to know..now just leave me alone..I wanna be alone..!”

“Seriously..you came to visit me you know..!”Fernando blurted out…”yes I know..but I came here mainly to see my father and to see the gentleman..that helped me the other day!”Rosie said “and who’s that man ?”Fernando asked ..”its simply none of your business..!”Rosie fired back ..”ok..if you feel that you wanna be rude to me..then fine..am done begging you ..who do you even think you are..?”Fernando said as he received a very thunderous slap from Rosie..”am rosielita del monte..and even though I may not be wealthy and famous like you ..I have my diginity and am very respectful..and I know I ll be somebody one day..!”Rosie told Fernando..who was short of words ..he immediately left angrily…I didn’t mean to annoy him..but his just too flirty and thinks he can jump from one woman to the other because..his not getting to me..and I won’t ever let him touch me again ..just then my old man walked in..”I saw the way you dealt with that young man..do you know him before ..?”tiger asked..”yes ..his the same guy I told you was disturbing me in college..any problem father ?”I asked ..”well the guy you just slapped is the brother of the gentleman..Mr Miguel and the owner of this d--n house..!”..”oh my gosh..I messed up father..hope I didn’t get you into any trouble..?”

“I don’t think so..!”tiger said..”dad I think it’s time you show me where Mr Miguel is because I only came here to thank him and leave..I have nothing to do in this rich people’s party..!”Rosie said..”ok..I ll take you to him..I hope he isn’t busy..!”tiger said as he exited with his daughter to the living room

“You gonna make more money ..if you work with my father..!”Isadora said to Miguel ..trying to seduce him..”well only my father think so..as for me ..I don’t want to work with you or your father ..so if you ll excuse me..I have more things to attend to..!”Miguel said as he wanted to leave she holds his hands..”hey wait..handsome..you not gonna walk out on me just like that ..!”Isadora said..”why shouldn’t I..?”Miguel asked ..”because we are still discussing ..!”Isadora said …”well am not interested in this discussions again..”Miguel said as he wants to leave Fernando bumped in..”I must say this is your little brother..!”Isadora said as she streched her hands to shake Fernando..”and who’s this beauty queen…brother ..you didn’t tell me that you had the most hottest mama..here..!

”Fernando said..”oh quit Flattering me…”Isadora said..as Miguel whispered to his brother to keep Isadora company and that he had important things to do…before he left..”your brother is so strong headed..!”Isadora said..”well we are words and opposite.. because am very fun to hang out with beauty queen..wanna grab some chilled wine to cool your body..?”

“Of course..!”
“Why don’t we go grab it in my room baby girl..?”Fernando said..”anything you say my king..!”Isadora smiled awkwardly as they both went off to Fernando’s room .

While Rosie was busy looking for Miguel..with her father..”only God knows where he is..!I think you should continue looking for him because if the bosses sees me here doing nothing.. I might loose my job and I have many wines to serve to the guests…so I think you should just continue..!”tiger said to his daughter ..”no need for that ..I can help you serve the drinks…!”Rosie said “no darling..you don’t need to ..!”
“But I need to father..don’t worry I ll just use an apron to cover my dress ..let me help..besides am only here for you papa..!”Rosie insisted as they both walked straight back to the kitchen as they both each carried a tray of https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f377.svg   wines ..tiger first left with one tray assisting Nana and some other new employed servants to serve..as I was about to come out of the kitchen…Miguel was coming in…and I didn’t notice him..so we both bumped into ourselves as all the drinks I was holding poured on his spick and span suits..”hey..watch..where you..”and before Miguel could complete his statement he realised that it was Rosie


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