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Gardener's daughter - S01 E14 (Story Episode)

Gardener's daughter - S01  E14 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

He realised and remembered it was Rosie..”r..o..s..i..e..!”he said..I tried to clean his suits apologising…”am so sorry ..sir. I didn’t mean to..am..so sorry..am sorry..!”I pleaded..before I looked at him very well to see that he was the same man who helped me at the hospital…”sir Miguel..!”

“Yes …you must be Rosie..!right..!”..Miguel asked just to be sure because she looked more prettier than ever..”yeah..it’s me..I think you should wash your suits..I ll go wash it for you ..!”Rosie said trying to pull it off from Miguel’s body ..both stared at each other very passionately as..there was a moment of silence between the two of them..

There was a moment of silence between them as Miguel finally broke the silence ..”you really don’t have to..don’t worry ok..?”Miguel said..”ok..if you say so..am so sorry again..!”I pleaded..while I started cleaning up the whole mess I made on the floor..”no need to say that ..am just happy to see you here..that’s all…!”Miguel said..

“Oh really..well I came mainly because I wanted to thank you for what you did for I and my father the other day..thanks so much..I really appreciate it..!”
“You don’t have to..I just had to do it..!”

“Well not all men would do that..you are such a very nice person..a good Samaritan sent right from heaven…!”I praised him..”oh please ..you don’t need to say all those things…you are the one sent from heaven..you look very much pretty ..more than ever..!”Miguel said giving her a very cute smile as his dimples showed off..Rosie was short of words and amazed as well..he’s so handsome..she said to herself..”o..h..thanks..!”I said..

“You have the best wines here…they taste really nice..!”Isadora said to Fernando..”yeah..they do…!”Fernando said..whereas his mind was somewhere else ..he was thinking of Rosie..as he remembered what his brother told him before ..”she is the daughter of the old man I just employed..!”Fernando remembered his brother’s words..so I and my brother has been talking about same woman for so long..oh d--n it..I need to go meet Rosie..no one can take my hot mama away from me.. Fernando said in his mind..as Isadora moved closer to give Fernando a kiss..he slowly pushed her..”please give me just five minutes ..and I ll be back.. cupcake..!”Fernando said..”ok..I ll be waiting ..!”

“Sure..!”Fernando said as he exited ..

“Idiot..see what you ve made me look like father..!”Isadora talked to herself

Roxana was busy with other guests..after the toasts and everything fewguests started leaving..”thanks for coming..!”she told one of her friends as she turned to see Teca in front of her..she took a step to pass another side..he blocked her way..”please let me be..!”Roxana said
“Shh…!there’s gonna be a full surprise for you my dear cutie..I ll make sure you pay for betraying me..!”

“I didn’t betray you..verdugo..I ..only broke up with you ..and why are you even doing business with my husband..isn’t there any other business men you can associate with..?”Roxana asked..”because I want him dead..you b---h..!”..”you haven’t changed one bit..your life is still miserable..even though you have made petty money from your drug dealing business..!”Roxana fired verdugo angrily..”you better learn how to control that little mouth of yours …Roxy..you are messing with fire and you might get burnt…!”verdugo replied
“Well let’s see who gets burnt first..!”Roxana said as Orlando joined them..”I see you and my wife are getting along so well…!”
“Well yes..honey..!”Roxana said kissing Orlando in front of verdugo….

Verdugo immediately cleared his throat..to distract them..”I have to go now..see you later..Mr Orlando..!”verdugo said..”oh yeah…!”Orlando said..
“Thanks for coming..Charlie..!”Roxana said as verdugo just left angrily..Isadora who had sighted her father and saw her father’s mood immediately followed him..without bidding anyone farewell..

Outside the garden near the kitchen ..Miguel and Roxana discussing..everything was very cool and fun..between both of them..Rosie was waiting for her father to shower so they could go home…

“Wonderful party..!”Rosie said ..”yeah..but I don’t like parties..!”Miguel said..”same here..I only came to this one mainly because of you..!”Rosie said..”yeah ..your dad told me..!”…”he did..?”

“Yes..your mom really gave birth to you..!I would like to meet her someday..!”Miguel said…Rosie kept calm for a while and didn’t say anything.. because she knew nothing about her mother and didn’t even know what she looked like.. suddenly she started to shed tears..as Miguel noticed her sudden calmness..”hey..hey ..am so sorry..I didn’t mean to..say that ..am sorry..I shouldn’t have said that..!”Miguel pleaded..”no…need to say sorry..it’s just that my…mother passed away since I was just a kid ..and I sincerely don’t know anything about her..!”Rosie said as Miguel wiped off Rosie’s tears…”my condolences..that’s really awful..am sorry once again..!”Miguel said as he dipped his hands into his pockets..and brought out a diamond necklace.. sparkling one..”here..I have this for you..pretty..!”Miguel said ..as he streched it to Rosie..”no..no..I can’t accept that..besides why would you give me such..I didn’t do anything for you..!”..”just have it..please..for the first time in my life you made me smile and sad the same time..you are special..so please don’t resist my gifts..!”Miguel said to Rosie..”if you insist…

I ll have it..but it’s so beautiful..cmon..now..what did I do to deserve this..it looks very expensive..!”Rosie said to Miguel..


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