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Gardener's daughter - S01 E16 (Story Episode)

Gardener's daughter - S01  E16 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 16

Miguel started to think about what his brother told him last night ..he couldn’t sleep..he was very prejudiced ..till he reasoned it and decided to go talk to his brother because he didn’t like keeping grudges or staying away from his little bro
At the dining table ..Roxana .. Orlando.. Fernando and Miguel all eating..as Roxy breaks the silence as usual..”kids..I have a very important announcement to make to u guys..!”

“What is it mom..?”Fernando asked..”so what is the announcement all about ..?”Miguel asked ..”well I and your father are goin on a trip to Miami ..for just few days..just to clear our minds off things..am I right my love..?”she turned to face Orlando as he nodded his head in agreement..”so I want you both to behave yourself..you especially.. Fernando..and Miguel..please take good care of your brother..you know he’s like an angel to me..!”Roxana said..”of course mother..I will..”Miguel said..”there’s no need for him taking care of me..I can take care of my self..!”Fernando replied rudely..”no son..your brother has always cleaned up your messes for you and you know that..!”Orlando added..”ok..that’s enough ..Miguel..Miguel..Miguel ..am tired of this dude always coming in between everything I love most in this life…am outta here..!”Fernando said as he exited..”what is wrong with your brother..what did you do to him..?”Roxana asked..”relax mother..I ll go talk to him..!”Miguel said as he followed Fernando to his room…

“Something is wrong..with both of them..I hope they clear things up..!”Roxana said..”just relax my love..ok..how about we go out to get somethings for the trip my love..!”Orlando said..”am in no mood for that..now..am really worried about the kids..!”

“Hey..just for once..please my love..!”

“Ok..alright..I wanna go freshen up..I ll meet you downstairs..!”Roxana said as she went upstairs ..

“They are beautiful huh..?”I asked my father..”they are perfect..my darling daughter..!”tiger said..”ok dad..I have to go now..am late for school..I ll see you later..!”Rosie said..”ok..sweetheart..please take good care of yourself..!”tiger advised..”sure paps..I will..love you..bye..!”she said as she left for school..

“I said I don’t wanna talk to you …why can’t you just leave me alone already..?”Fernando said packing his books inside his bags..”you better calm down..I don’t know what I did to you that you just get angry for no d--n reason..!”Miguel said..”well you don’t need to know..all I want for you is to stay away from..me..!”Fernando said..as he took his bag and left…

That was the beginning of war of two brothers..

Inside her room while dressing her phone beeps.. roxana picked the call immediately..”hello… Roxana Beltran speaking ..who’s this..?”
“My pretty damsel..it’s me verdugo..!”..

“Why are you calling me for God sake..and how did you get my number you fool..!”
“Because am the centre of the universe you b---h and am gonna make sure you pay for everything you did to me you lying traitor..!”

“You can rant all you want verdugo..while I enjoy my self in Miami..bastard..!”Roxana said as she hugged up immediately..”fool..!”

Rosie was busy reading her books at the courtyard as she started admiring her necklace..she closed her eyes for a bit as she started thinking of the little memories she spent with Miguel..”hmm!”she sighed as azucena interrupted..”hey..can I talk to you for a sec..!”azucena asked..as Rosie stood up..”am all ears..!”

“Hey..I have a very good and mind blowing news for you..!”azucena said
“Oh yeah yeah..cut to the chase please ..I don’t have all day..!”Rosie said
“Well I and Fernando just got back together..”azucena said..”sounds cool..

congratulations..am happy for you too..now would you please leave me alone..?”Rosie asked..”no..no..no..am not done yet little miss two good shoes..am here to tell you to stay away from my boyfriend..as from now on ward..I don’t wanna ever see you near Fernando again..is that clear..?”

“So that’s the stupid reason why you are here..azucena..I don’t need your boyfriend..he just likes me ..and I don’t know why..you don’t need to tell me about this..the only person you should warn his your womaniser boyfriend..so please can you leave me alone now..?”Rosie said..”hmm..!”azucena left silently..just when I thought I would have at least a peace of mind..here comes Fernando..

“He gave you that..you gold digger..!”Fernando blurted out as I slapped him immediately..I wouldn’t let him talk to me in that kind of manner ..he’s such a rude spoilt brat..”am not a gold digger you jealous bastard..your brother gave this to me..yes..and I didn’t ask for it..he just gave it to me..and I accepted it because he’s such a nice person…”Rosie said showing off the necklace..”and since when did you know my brother ..since when huh..tell me..have you been seeing him and me as well..!”Fernando said..”hey hold your horses..you and I never had anything together…”

“Hey hold your horses..you and I never had anything together..we are just friends and you know that so quit exaggerating..and your brother..I met him before I even met you ..he had helped my father when my father was in an accident..!”..”yeah..yeah..that’s how he acts ..like his super man..!”Fernando said..”yes ..I really appreciate him alot and I must say he’s a very kind gentleman..so please quit wasting your time with me and go think about your life..!”Rosie said as she wanted to leave Fernando drags her back..”


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