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Things We Do For Love - S01 E12 (Story Episode)

Things We Do For Love - S01  E12 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

My name is Twino and am 22 something am happy 4. Living in a family of 7 and being a 4th born child of the great Ben’s house isnt a joke. Everything i do has to correspond with what my 2 elder brother and our first born sister does.

Am the only single and unmaried boy though in many un working friendships. They always ask me what i was doing to eradicate the barchcosis in me. I always tell them am yet to find 1 like my mum and you know why as i had told you in episode 1.

There are 3 ladies that i have in my relationship. 1 comes lucy: my great anemy that i fear to loose. Take the viper with you and you will be safe so the english says. The 2nd come mitchell: one with the greatest beauty. A lady with everything a man needs in a woman bt she has so much mercy than what is required in a lady. She don fear to share what she ‘has’. The at number three comes Mercy. The woman i love. One that i adore from the very bottom of my heart. The one in my blood. My sweet darln my wife to be. A lady tha i…


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