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Addiction - S01 E21 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E21 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 21

Continued from last episod

Emeka's POV

promise me you will do what I want?,I asked Isabella,emeka I promise na,she replied, okay you know what I can’t say it now cause am heading to the coppers office to give her this books, so what you will do is,wait for me after school in that same library,that where I will tell you what I want..

what do you mean in the library?,why not outside the school after school or maybe tell me now?(Isabella asked angrily),oh you want to be shouting at me abi?(i replied)keep shouting until I tell the whole school how chike fu… and she covered my mouth with her palm,shhh,keep quiet na do you want somebody to hear us?,WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? came a typical Igbo accent from behind…

I quickly turned to look and saw Mr Eze(the economic teacher) staring at us with his mouth munching on a chinchin he was holding,uhhm,uhm,sir am on my way to the coppers office to give her these books,I said(showing him the books),and what of you Isabella?, are you not supposed to be in class(he asked) dipping another chinchin into his mouth, no sir I was on my way to the bathroom before I saw emeka and we were talking (she explained) okay be fast oo,am on my way to your class(Mr eze said) ehh sir I have to start going to deliver the books(I interrupted him) then I winked at Isabella and gave her a sign with my hand that she should not forget oo.

I quickly ran to the coppers office and forgot to knock before opening the door,I barged in and couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw the copper completely shirtless as her twin warriors were standing like GOTV antenna…

oh my God am sorry ma,I said out of shock as I ran out to wait by the door, she slowly put back her shirt on and she opened the door for me to come in,am sorry ma for not knocking before coming into your office, I said (avoiding eye contact with her),it okay come in(she replied) as she locked the door behind me,I quickly walked to her table, dropped the books and turned to leave when she blocked me,wait sit down(she said),dragging me to a seat..

there something I want to discuss with you but first what your name (she asked),emeka I replied (surprised of her sudden reaction), she sat down on the table where I sat,nice name for a fine boy like you (she said),thank you ma(i said with a nervous laugh) as there was an awkward silence,I avoided her gaze and surprised what she wanted to ask me.

I was still in my thought when a soft kiss was placed on my lips that I jerked up, sorry ma,what is this (I asked in shock),common emeka,let just do this quickly,before I could reply she took off her shirt and I was staring at her twin warriors,she stood up and sat down on my legs as she gave me her Boobs to suck,omo na she ask am oo,no be me beg her(I thought) as I quickly grabbed her boobs for a suck,her nipples were now poked hard as I rubbed them with my tongue,arrh(she moaned)..

my d--k was now super hard beneath my trousers but I remained calm waiting for her order,oh god, emeka pls f--k me(she whispered loudly) as she sat down back on the table and pulled down her coppers trouser left with her panties which were now soaked wet…

Back in class
the English teacher was almost done teaching when he sighted emeka’s seat which was empty,thought I saw emeka on assembly ground today,why is he not in class(he asked) he was asked to take books to copper tayo’s office (said a girl who sits close to emeka’s chair, then why is he not here since that time? he asked, maybe his marking the notes she replied..
then the bell rang for closing….


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