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Addiction - S01 E22 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E22 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22

chioma's POV
I got to my room,dropped my bag on the floor and crashed on the bed without taking off my uniform, I closed my eyes for a bit trying to replay what happened today,what could be going on between emeka and Isabella the principal’s daughter? (I thought), I must find out tomorrow what they are up to..

suddenly I heard a knock on my door,come in (I yelled),my mum came in with the apron still tied around her waist,you have not taken off your uniform chioma,my mum said as she sat down on the bed beside me,mummy am very tired just want to sleep now before reading my books(I replied),before you sleep come downstairs and eat your lunch before it gets cold,(she said) as she pecked my forehead before heading out..

I lazily got up and quickly showered then I put on a body hug pink shirt and a bum short revealing my thighs,then I head out and joined my mum in the kitchen,mum are we having a party?I asked as I saw lots of things she bought,well actually we are having a visitor this evening and I want you to be in your best behavior(she replied) with a smile on her face,hmm,this one that she’s smiling like this, I hope it not what am thinking (I thought,as I took my plate of rice she served for me and head straight to my bedroom to eat,make sure you return the plate ooo,my mum yelled..

I sat down on my reading table and started eating, I was almost done when I heard a tap on my window, I turned to look and saw emeka giving me a sign to open up,I rushed to open it,emeka what the hell are you doing here(I said in shock),immediately a soft kiss was placed on my lips,oh God not again(I thought) but I found a way to control the urge so I broke away from the kiss and gave him a slap, that not the answer to my question emeka..
can’t you see i missed you..,chioma I love you, that why I couldnt stand you been tortured today in class so I took the cane for you(he said as he held my hands while gazing directly into my eyes),oh about that thank you very much for what you did(I said),chioma I think I should make this official(he said as he knelt down), pls can you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend?(he pleaded), I was speechless for a moment, then I thought, should I accept his proposal or not?, his caring, handsome and he satisfies me in bed, what else do I need from a guy that he don’t have?.. CHIOMA? he said (breaking me from my thought),what do you say?(he asked)
emeka i don’t think am ready for this now,(I said) as I sat down on my bed,ready for what?,(he said as he got up and sat down beside me..
am not ready to have a boyfriend now (I replied),common there nothing wrong with having a boyfriend chioma,you’re a grown girl, you know what it feels to have sex,talking about sex,how bout I show you some moves now lemme suck you dry now, my d--k is hard and I think you’re the right person that can calm it down for me(he said) as he uses his hands to massage my laps,emeka no this is wrong(I said as I slapped his arm) but he continued as he unhooked the button of my bum short and pulled it down..

okay lemme just enjoy this for the last time(I thought) as I fell on the bed and took off my shirt left with my bra,he climbed on top of me and began kissing my neck,oh yeeeh(I moaned) as he got my weak spot),he took off my bra and started by massaging my boobs…


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